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Which Character Type is over powered? and why?

Hey Guardians, I am a Hunter on xbox one and I want to get your opinion? Who is overpowered and why? We all know that there are many different guns that can be seen as overpowered, my two favorite to complain about is Suros and any fusion rifles. - Suros can out shoot many weapons and does some ridiculous damage, why would bungie decide hey lets give this to everyone, yay for those who use auto rifles - People who like fusion rifles and are efficient with them are less likely to even break out there primary. but come on if you are shooting me in the foot and can still kill me in one charge thats messed up. I think no matter what special weapon you should chose to use it should take a more precise shoot to kill any one, shotguns included. that was all beyond my original question, and i bet its all been said before and trust me I get messages all the time saying "your lucky you have the last word curse word curse word curse word" so things like that will be around forever but to be straight up outmatched by other classes is messed up. dont get me wrong I love being a hunter and will stay one forever but let me rant damnit haha. So to answer my own question...... Damn them Warlocks - ill give examples 1) why the hell do warlock grenades hurt so damn much - I do not have a single grenade that can kill a single person with full health let alone a whole team, I know titans have a similar grenade but you can at least shot it and end its reign.... I mean us hunters have our trip mine grenade that is full of glitches you could run right by it and it wont go off but i get even close to my own, boom kills me quite well but then i have had it explode between someones legs and they go unharmed. next my electric shock grenade only does 120 damage in crucible no matter how close someone is to it 2) What the heck is up with the one hit melee crap - Both warlocks and titans have something like this..... a shoulder ram from a titan dead, a magic punch from a distance dead but a headshot with a fricken throwing knife, its all good guys its only a flesh wound ( it doesn't take skill to run in to someone just saying) or even with my flash step stab with increased damage, what a joke ha. 3) Why does everyone get a better jump then us two examples for this one - Not only does it make me jelly that it takes some serious park-core skills to get places that a titan and warlock reach easily but bungie went and rubs it in by suspending chests and materials from ceilings that I cant get because the collection wheel doesn't go fast enough. - finally yay I have my special. Blade dancer to the rescue, ya ya i know you hate the dance but we will get to that, I find my first victim, a warlock male, I chased after him and what does he do he jumps as high as he can and hovers out of reach and after making every attempt to reach him he has me dead with is auto rifle. wtf!!!!!!!! I dont try that anymore, I almost had a broken controller. i mean bravo to him for knowing that was a weakness but come on bungie. We are suppose to run faster but its almost unnoticeable, I am not asking for you to code in a hover for us but be reasonable if we can hover at least let us hop around a little higher then those who can 4) Lets talk over shield -quick and simple why does everyone have a perk that gives them a overshield except one class. example boom not only does the warlock have a already damaging melee but all of a sudden he has a overshield as well. Fml 5) ok finally superpowers I know this one is more debatable ..... I run with two titans that are glad to be on my side when I activate blade dancer but they dont understand the frustration behind it... Im going to unbunk every troll right now hunters two specials are blade dancer and golden gun...... both which take a charge to activate a split second hey we are getting ready to power up moment.... I cant count how many times my reign has been ended before I have even started, what a waste... If you have not played a hunter let me fill you in when we are charged up we do not run faster ( we look fast because the melee in blade dancer lunges) or jump higher or have more armor it still takes just one well placed shotgun to end blade dance or a good accurate weapon to take out my gold gun phase. We glow and for that it makes us a target... you atleast have a warning when we have our special.... god only knows when a titan has a superman smash waiting for you around a corner (smash beats dance everytime), or when a warlock is gonna hurl balls at your face or comeback from the dead just to kill you. Let alone actually trying to kill them before they get there power off, or when they have it on.... cant kill a titan when smashing ive tried amillion times while in blade dance or with my gold gun... and you warlocks with your damn glowing angel of death mode (of course it doesnt help when my dumb teamates try to charge you just to help you get your overshield)..... and to my understanding hunters are the only ones who dont get a perk that helps the team out... titans with there very useful bubble that I beg titans to keep on and warlocks with there perk assistance, if it is helping your super or helping your weapon handling. This is were I wish I could also come in most, I am a team player and want others around me to be excited or relieved that i have my special rather then before every blade dance people being like be careful you dumb a** hunter.... I can go one but you get my point so I believe with all my heart warlocks are the overpowered character and thats why there are so many of you.... I think the only reason we have so many hunters is because of the mentality of the character and thats why people like me can go toe to toe with a disadvantage. If you read this thanks.... I hope you leave a response that voices your opinion.... I know it might sound like a rant but I was also trying to be fair and give good critical feedback since we all know our family at bungie does listen. Let the traveler guide you

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