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10/7/2014 12:10:32 PM

[Suggestion] Last Stand matches

Hello Destiny community and developers! I posted this in general and it quickly got bumped down cause of tons of posts, so I'm trying here. I know these forums are filled with useless posts (which I hope this one is not) about what could improve, what is wrong, how I’ve been wronged someway; but I wanted to just throw in my two cents for a possible thing that I feel could really benefit this game and the community as a whole. First off let me just say that I know this is a living and breathing game and the suggestion that I might be suggesting =) might already be in the works down the line but since I haven’t seen it said anywhere I’m going to say it! Most of the complaints in these forums are that there is nothing to do but the same old grind whether it be crucible, strike playlist or patrolling. I would like to ask that Bungie develop and place into the game a immersive PVE type “instance” event, (i.e. mass effect multiplayer) Now stay with me here. Basically you would queue like you would with strikes or crucible but you would be brought in with, lets say 12 other people (crucible amount of guardians) and as you are flying to the area the voiceover could say (for one of the many LAST STAND (working title?) games. “Guardians, our outpost on the moon is being overrun with Hive. We need you provide reinforcements to Alledramac Post immediately. I hope its not to late.” You are now in an all-out wave after wave crashing , survival (which is in some Bungie games) with hive over running the base. 12 guardians are defending the onslaught. 2 people are sniping from the tower, 2 decided to get on 2 of the 5 fixed gun emplacements around nd the post. A few either unwise or truly crazy guardians decide to stand on the outside of the post and take out the enemies there. The rest are containing the threats as they come in from different directions. There can be so many different options for something like this, like on wave 5 the main gate is damaged and the enemy is flooding the area so guardians have to hold that choke point as 3 guardians stand in an area to fix the gate. There can also be a linear type thing like COD zombies where we would have to, for example; move to another area because we got reports of survivors and now it’s a completely different “arena” type area to hold until Emergency Evac came. I feel that this not only allows “the bored” people to do something, it also allows PVE type folks to have a PVP type experience but still be PVE. It is also not as repetitive because it makes sense that something could be overwhelmed and we would need to send out guardians to help. I said before that there is tons of possibilities. Some off the top of my head would be, “Establishing a front against the cabal on Mars” which would consist of the twelve people splitting up into two teams of 6 to attack two different gates as waves of defense cabals attack. “Holding the defense of the city” we would be on the front of the city outskirts just out of reach of the traveler holding off (whatever enemy) from getting closer. Obviously all these matches would also have rewards and id leave that up to Bungie on what they could be. It would also be another way to acquire the rep of your choice. And allows more bounties other than patrol this or collect some tears. And just in case I have to state this, this is all just a suggestion and would need to be worked, reworked and implemented the right way but it would be (I feel) a great addition that would also show our guardians doing a day to day thing that we were meant to do. I know its pointless to ask but I would like people to have legitimate responses and feedback and I appreciate you reading this whole thing. And I apologize if there is any grammatical or spelling errors this was a lot to type on the phone while at work =)

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