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Vault of Glass Hard Mode: Everything You Need to Know (Now Beginner Friendly!)

My fellow Guardians, I have compiled a list of To-Dos for the Vault of Glass and have tested my methods in the Hard mode. The following strategies have worked for my group, but require a lot of skill and trust to pull off. This is by no means a full-proof guide to completing this and it took us 3 hours to master each of our roles (3 hours total, not 3 hours on each role). While this guide is titled, "Everything You Need to Know" it is impossible to tell you every single detail of the Vault and it is not my duty to do so. Every single encounter will be slightly different from the last and each squad needs to feel out each fight and adjust (as is the nature of raids in general). EDIT: I have also gotten a few questions regarding the difference between Hard and Normal Mode. To be honest, the difficulty all comes down to enemy level, damage, and numbers. Aside from the final fight with Atheon, nothing is truely that different. [b]The Pregame[/b] This is what you need to do before even loading up the VoG. 1. Grab ammo synthesis. A lot of them. I suggest a minimum of 20 each to ensure that you can always resupply if you find yourself out of ammo. 2. Gather your best gear. Your armor should bring you up to a minimum level of 29 and your weapons should either be exotics, upgraded legendaries, or VoG loot drops (Atheon's Epilogue, Praedyth's Revenge, etc). Remember, all of the enemies that have shields in the Vault will be Void-Based. 3. Ensure that your team does the same and each has a "Wingman" in mind that they have played with before and know their playstyle. A lot of the work in the Vault can be broken up into groups of two or three and having this unit cohesion in mind before tackling this challenge is a good idea. [b]Opening the Gates[/b] This is the first challenge you will face after loading into the game. 1. Split up into three teams of equal skill and strength. Lower team (far left), Middle team, and Upper team (far right). 2. Capture the Plates. If ever one should fall, you NEED to re-capture it as fast as possible. Remember, you can respawn and revive in this section so use that to your advantage. You won't have it much longer. 3. Call out if help is needed. If they do their job right, Middle team should be able to assist upper and lower with larger enemies or far-away enemies if they also have snipers. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed. Chances are that is exactly what is happening. NOTE: There is/are (1) chest(s) between this stage and the next. Find it/them for a chance at an amazing loot drop. [b]The Templar[/b] If you have done the VoG at all before attempting this (which you should since you're in for a world of hurt anyway), then you know the Templar boss fight has three distinct stages, two of which can be made easy so long as everyone does their job correctly. However, if even one of your squadmates dies, your whole team needs to wipe. Without the ability to revive, you will easily be overtaken without your sixth. Just start from scratch and plan to improve for next time. Your goal is to be flawless, aim for it and you will be surprised how close you can get. [u]Stage One: The Confluxes[/u] Set up teams of two and locate enemy spawn positions, gain line of sight on them from a secure location, and pretend you're farming the Cave of Wonders in Old Russia (RIP). Like before, you must make callouts whenever possible and assist when you can afford to. Feel out your enemies and make adjustments to teams when needed. [u]Stage Two: The Oracles[/u] [ORIGINAL STATEMENT REDACTED] As the round starts, learn the positions of the oracles and find some good cover. Send Warlocks with Fireborn and higher levels to the left side as that is where I have seen the most activity. As with the Confluxes, you need to communicate with your team and attack as a group. Oh, and if you have any Vault weapons leveled high enough, be sure to equip the Oracle Disruptor perk for it will help you tremendously. [u]Stage Three: The Templar[/u] [ORIGINAL STATEMENT REDACTED] Brace for a good fight, because the Templar is a bit of a tricky girl. This first part will tell you about the general fight, which unless you're higher than level 30 I suggest you follow, and the harder version of the fight which requires immense amounts of teamwork and communication. Oh, and remeber, as soon as the Relic is picked up, The Templar will spawn dead center of the arena. If the Relic is dropped for more than five seconds, you will fail either from the game wiping you or you sucumbing to the Templar's Ritual of Negation. I recommend you take your fire team to the right side of the arena and post up behind the large rectangular structure near the caves. Address the Harpies as you need to, but having the Shield Bearer kill them grants higher super energy. Use the super after your team has either killed the oracles of the bearer has cleansed them. Do not even risk using Rockets unless you are sure you can hit him and not the Detain shield that will be placed around your team. Take care of him before Enrage otherwise your poor Relic holder won't be able to cleanse the team fast enough (unless he is a generous God like myself Huehuehue). Rinse and repeat until the boss dies. Then, proceed onto the next challange. If you're up for a serious test of true grit, disrupt his teleports by standing in his rings. If you keep him from teleporting after he spawns, you will get a very special prize, however this will summon minotaurs. Have fun. NOTE: There is/are (3) chest(s) between this stage and the next. Find it/them for a chance at an amazing loot drop. [b]The Gorgon's Labrynth[/b] Ok, now this is a tad tricky. The Gorgons may or may not move in predictable yet tight patterns durring this section on hard difficulty. You need to first locate the exit to the next stage and make sure your whole team knows where it is. From there, you will need to locate the gaps in the Gorgons' surveilence routes and carefully make your way through them. If you are going to double jump, make sure you are far enough away from the enemy before attempting to do so. They will move if they hear you and it can easily screw your teammates that are following you. This is all trial and error, but the Bladedancer Hunters can clear this section easily... Damn sneaky sneaks with their camo and stuff. [b]The Pit of Dispair[/b] This section has flashing platforms... That are nifty I guess. You can actually clear this section without touching a single one of these things. All you need to do is make your way to the right-most starting platform available and locate the ledge on the wall across the chasm. Once you have found it use your super hardcore parkour jumping skills to make your way to this ledge. Once you land with a sliver of health, shimmy your way to the entrence to the final area. Once again, this will take a lot of trial and error to find the right way. Striker Titans with Shoulder Charge can easily perform the jumps as I just described, but Hunters and Warlocks have a harder time finding their way across. [b]The Glass Throne[/b] Thrones, yea. Game of.... Oh, wait. Wrong Throne. Anyway, like the Iron Throne, the Glass Throne only seats one champion: Atheon, the Devourer of Hours and Ruiner of Friendships. Before you can face him, however, you must clear away the filth at his feet. [u]Stage One: The Conflux of DOOM[/u] Once you enter the room, kill the Gatekeeper and anyone stupid enough to keep you from an audinece with Atheon. After the Gatekeeper is down, you will be able to open the portals to Mars and Venus (Left and Right respectively). Split up into teams of two and tackle each portal at once. Why both at once? Well, you can do it one at a time, but should any Minotaurs sacrifice themselves to the Conflux, you will most likely be destroyed by the beefed-up Oracle that will spawn shortly there-after. After your teams emerge from the portals with the Relics in hand, everyone must combine their strength to keep the minotaurs from reaching the center conflux. After about sixty seconds or so, the conflux will disapear, signalling the coming of your greatest nightmare made real... [u]Stage Two: Taking the Throne[/u] Surely you know what to do here. Many strategies work, but it is whichever you can execute with the greatest percision that will triumph in the end. Just keep in mind these few things; 1. Split up into two teams of three. Home team opens portals and kills Supplicants as fast as possible. Away team is pulled into the portal and must destroy the ADS and Oracles within before they are destroyed and consumed by the Darkness. Both jobs are difficult in their own way, so make sure to change up the teams as needed. 2. Atheon takes bonus damage during Time's Vengance. Light him the hell up as long as you can. 3. During Time's Vengance Supers, Grenades, and other special abilities will have extremely short cooldowns. The Relic is also affected (Keep in mind that the Relic's Cleanse is also a deflective shield that will allow you to shoot out, but keep enemies from shooting in). 4. Upon being sent into the portal, your teams will encounter a detainment shield. Take care of it quickly because the rest of the fight will still happen just as blindingly fast as before. [b]Dance Party at the End of the World[/b] IF you have gotten this far, then congrats, ya lovable scamp! You've won! Feel free to take your party favors, show them off to your friends, and dance till all the frustration from the previous fight drains away. [b]Closing Remarks:[/b] New have been made! Check them out here: [url=]Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown[/url] [url=]Heavy Metal Breakdown[/url]

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