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The New Archive V3

We're back baby. Now with name changes being allowed, I am back on my old account and am willing to recreate the Archive. However, there is an issue. With the changes made to the site, the urls now lead to a 404. However, I can use the links to recreate the thread for the time being. With the changes, I am going to separate the thread by each of the old forums and link them with #Archive and their appropriate old forum. [url=]Archive V2 old link.[/url] [url=]Archive V2 new link.[/url] [u]Septagon[/u] [url=]sken15/elmicker O'12![/url] [url=]Breaking in with the Community forum.[/url] [url=]Mythics made a big mistake.[/url] [url=]A question for you clods.[/url] [url=]bungie.ney.[/url] [url=]Foman insult spree.[/url] [url=]Improving quality of posting.[/url] [url=]Ken, our savior.[/url] [url=]Carpet Bans Incoming.[/url] [url=]-blue!-[/url] [url=]-potato!-[/url] [url=]Off-topic posting.[/url] [url=]Send a message.[/url] [url=]Humorous content.[/url] [url=]The boner scream.[/url] [url=]Being cool on BNet.[/url] [url=]Dragons.[/url] [url=]More dragons.[/url] [url=]I won't play Destiny without dragons.[/url] [url=]The forums needs dragons.[/url] [url=]Lumpy pudding not allowed?[/url] [url=]Nope, it's allowed.[/url] [url=]And I ripped, my shirt.[/url] [url=]The truth of HFCS, April Fools.[/url] [url=]Our Johnson knows what the ladies like.[/url] [url=]Mom crazy ninjas.[/url] [url=]Mother's day.[/url] [url=]U MAD BRO?[/url] [url=]Qbix is a femal.[/url] [url=]Magic touch.[/url] [url=]Come back OP.[/url] [url=]Harassed by admins.[/url] [url=]Hates toast still.[/url] [url=]The Screw.[/url] [url=]Skiska u got it good.[/url] [url=]Stosh owned tinman.[/url] [url=]Expensive Forge.[/url] [url=]April Fool's 09.[/url] [url=]Shishka in a tutu?[/url] [url=]Pin this Topic.[/url] [url=]Stosh gets fired.[/url] [url=]Bungie Points.[/url] [url=]Monty Python.[/url] [url=]Downloading.[/url] [url=]Joseph Staten Meme.[/url] [url=] Achievements.[/url] [url=]How do I ban people?[/url] [url=]April Fool's 2010.[/url] [url=]Boogne took my map![/url] [url=]Tide the leader![/url] [url=]Best layout ever.[/url] [url=]Forum 50's.[/url] [url=]I have the superintendent in my possession.[/url] [url=]ILL CALL CHUCK NORRIS.[/url] [url=]Bungie, I want moistly in reach.[/url] [url=]Denial is hard.[/url] [url=]Signatures.[/url] [url=]List of naughty words.[/url] [url=]Mom fight.[/url] [url=]Monkey box thing.[/url] [url=]Hi. How I hack?[/url] [url=]Ninja Ken.[/url] [url=]How do I report Disembodied Soul?[/url] [url=]DeeJ doesn't T-Bag.[/url] [url=]For his amusement.[/url] [url=]Coup selling.[/url] [url=]Kitty Foman.[/url] [url=]Spiderchronos.[/url] [url=]A Guide To Being A Successful Troll.[/url] [url=]Awkward moments on the Job @ Bungie.[/url] [url=]Don't post here mods.[/url] [url=]Mods getting hacked.[/url] [url=]No comment.[/url] [url=]Posting guide for new members.[/url] [url=]The Mythic forums.[/url] [url=]Let's rig the mailsack.[/url] [url=]You have thread.[/url] [url=]The final moments.[/url] [u]The Other Archives:[/u] [url=]The Archive-Reach and Universe[/url] [url=]The Archive-Halo 3 and ODST[/url] [url=]The Archive-Pc, Crimson, Classifieds, Gone, Other, and Flood[/url] [url=]The Archive-Flood[/url] [url=]The Archive-Pics[/url] [url=]Flood Funny Sayings.[/url] [url=]The Flood's Timeline.[/url] [url=]The Archive-BNext.[/url]

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