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Should Proximity Chat Be Implemented As an Option?





[b]READ BEFORE VOTING[/b] Destiny, Bungie’s newest exquisite videogame, is filled with breathtaking visuals and compelling gameplay, and that’s after only playing the Alpha and Beta versions, although there is one major flaw that’s been brought to my attention: Destiny lacks proximity chat, which is the ability to speak with other players whom are near you. Currently, players can wave to each other, dance with each other, and point at things “in a desperate, and futile, attempt at communication” (SoloPopo). Players can’t make new friends, talk about strategies, nor ask for assistance. With proximity chat, players can get to know each other and share their experiences they’ve had in Destiny. Maybe you just want to compliment someone’s awesome armor and be on your way. Players would be able to talk about how they’ll complete an event or where to find some loot. Imagine trying to strategize by pointing everywhere. Players would be able to ask for assistance during combat. Imagine fighting enemies with a few other players, and when you get cornered, all you can do is point at them and dance for your life. Destiny is based on the notion of being always-online and multiplayer. If everyone is a mute, then what is the point? As SoloPopo said, “It's ridiculous, and kills the immersion. Why are other players even in the game if you can't interact with them?” Being able to wave and point is fine if you don’t have a headset plugged in, but it should be optional, because being able to speak is a much better alternative. Proximity chat should be the next feature implemented in Destiny. In GameInformer's interview with Lars Bakken, Bungie's multiplayer lead, Bakken stated "We know that, not just in multiplayer, that in general, when you get into a game with someone that you don't know or someone that you've never seen before and may never see again, they have this power to completely destroy your entire experience and maybe ruin the game for you forever" (Manuch). If another player is being obnoxious and you want to disable proximity chat, you can simply switch between three chat settings: Proximity, Fire Team, and Off. This feature would also require the following settings. [u]Chat Settings:[/u] [b]Proximity[/b] - Chat with players near you. [b]Fire Team[/b] - Chat with your Fire Team. (A symbol appears above your head to non-fire team members which indicates that you cannot chat.) [b]Off[/b] - You can't hear anyone in-game, nor can they hear you. (A symbol appears above your head to all players which indicates that you cannot chat. This setting would also be activated upon joining an Xbox LIVE party and whatever the similar chat system is called on Playstation consoles.) Orrr Proximity Chat: On/Off, and you can always hear and speak to your Fire Team. [url=]Here[/url]'s another good thread about the topic. Here's an additional feature Coffeenator requested in the comments: [quote]One feature I would add to the prox. chat is a kind of karma system where if someone gest muted by some number of people in a period of time that they are muted in-game for everyone except for players in their fire team if they are in one. Over time their Karma would get better and they would be unmuted until they would get muted enough to go over the threshold again.[/quote] [u]Sources:[/u] SoloPopo. "Proximity Chat Is Not an Option." [i][/i]. Bungie, Inc, 14 June 2014. Web. 16 June 2014. <[url][/url]>. Makuch, Eddie. "Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Is "more Lethal" than Halo, Voice Chat Limited to Eliminate Trolling." [i]GameSpot[/i]. BS Interactive Inc, 10 Dec. 2013. Web. 16 June 2014. <[url][/url]>.

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    Even if voice chat isn't for everyone, at least give us the option of using it or not. Jumping into parties with strangers just to ask a quick question or spend five minutes playing together on a public event or crucible match is just silly. Even though this game is public and requires online to play, the thousands of mute characters running around makes the game feel so.. empty. Not being able to communicate--in my personal opinion--is the game's one major flaw. You're meant to work together in the crucible, but can't always be bothered to pull a party together with everyone in the lobby so the game is silent aside from the disembodied announcer giving a constant play-by-play in the background. What if that player disconnects during the match? Gets bored or ragequits? What if you really don't plan on ever speaking again after that quick match, was it really worth the hassle of organizing a party? If you want to thank someone for saving your sorry hide when you're being overrun by mobs in the field, how can a wave, point or dance really do it justice? If you want to organize a fireteam in town, is it seen as rude or abrasive to walk up to random people walking by and inviting them to a party they'll probably refuse to join? If there's one thing I want more than anything in Destiny, it's to be able to hear the people I'm sharing the universe with. I want to strike up conversation in town without dragging myself to the forums just to attempt to find someone to play with or ask a question that I have to wait thirty minutes to get an answer for. Please Bungie, PLEASE, add proximity chat to the game! It's too quiet, too lonely, too empty when it's supposed to be a world populated by so many other players. If we're meant to be sharing this world together, let us at least feel like we are!

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