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The forums are flooded! Needs to be fixed!!

[quote][url=]Link to save #gaming[/url]. To help out the mods and mentors some of us will be redirecting members, and posting proper threads and discussions in sections to flood out the threads placed incorrectly. Please support if you can[/quote] #gaming is literally gone and all other forum categories besides #offtopic (only because people get told where to go instantly there) are flooded with inappropriate threads. #destiny has survived because the people who should be posting there are spamming the other sections. I understand people are new but this is ridiculous. When Reach came out, there were threads in the wrong place, but not [i]pages[/i] of threads. I also understands ninjas are doing their best, because they can't ban or warn people for posting in the wrong section (only move), but I'm not blaming the ninjas. Whoever is in charge of the forums needs to address it ASAP. I mean, how are these people supposed to know where to go? Did it occur to Bungie that gaming is flooded because people see these "looking for raid friends" threads flooding the front page and think that #gaming is the appropriate place for it? Also it's not even an issue that can be solved by nudging people to #clans and #destiny. If they are sent there, those forums would literally be flooded with "looking for players" threads. The actually Destiny discussion and clan recruitment would be gone (kind of like the gaming forum). I also understand that not brining any solutions to the table is counter-productive, so can somebody, [i]anybody[/i], please consider the following?? [quote]For the love of all things organized, please force people to read a page with section descriptions when they sign up (even if people don't read it and just check the "I understand" box, it's still something![/quote] [quote]If that's too much to ask, can we PLEASE bring back stickies!! They were so useful it's not even funny, sticky threads are essential[/quote] For example, I understand mentors have made section description threads and other important stuff, but [i]nobody sees them[/i]. They get drowned by new threads. Heck, I don't even remember what section those threads are posted in. Worst part? I don't even know if this thread is in the right place and I was here when the sections were first made! I can't find the section description thread. In hindsight I could "follow the mentors" or make the threads my favorites, I get that, but will new members easily get that? We have to stream line things a little. [quote]A new forum section for finding players is desperately needed. #clans is a good idea, but there are so many "looking for player" threads that we're starting to need another section for it (otherwise actual [b]clan[/b] advertisement will be drowned out by single requests[/quote] I really hope this is an eye opener that twitter # style only goes so far. The old forums might have been ugly, but they [b][i]worked.[/i][/b] People complained when it was first released and Bungie gave us much needed sections, so can we finally get an upgrade? We need more organization, we need more moderation, and we certainly need more support for the forums. #forum sections aren't enough, and mentors without any [i]essential[/i] forum tools aren't enough. I get that these forums are a "privilege" and I don't pay for them, but I pay for Bungie games, and if almost every other game developer can have simple things like stickied threads, why not us? Why'd we go with ninjas with no authority and #hashtag?? We don't have to ban people, if warnings sent to PM boxes were allowed awareness could be raised! Final note: this organization was an issue from day one, the site being flooded with new people just made the issues glaringly obvious, so obvious I hope they get fixed.

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