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9/19/2014 7:12:52 PM

The Silent Guardians, a Communication Solution: Chat & Emote Wheels

Yes, I love this idea! Bungie, please!


No, sir, I don't like it.


Needs tweaking, but leaning towards yes.


The above image is just an example of the chat wheel interface from Dota 2. There are predetermined, commonly used phrases that can be bound to the wheel and used very quickly (pressing and holding Y on the keyboard, moving the mouse toward the selected message macro, release Y). Players cannot edit what the messages say but can choose which ones they have on their wheel. Also, the text that appears in the chat isn't identical to what appears in the chat box; selecting the "Mistake" message relays the message "I immediately regret my decision!" - it's pretty great. It is also useful: if a player has the Game Time message bound to their wheel they are able to instantly display the exact time for when something was used or killed (and therefore when it will cool down/respawn). [u][b]The Chat Wheel[/b][/u] Anyways, I digress. Let's say we bind the chat wheel to Up on the D-pad. Holding down the button opens up a wheel of messages to choose from and while the wheel is open the right analog stick moves the selector rather than the camera. The messages could be simple ones: [spoiler]Hello. Yes. No. Thank you. No thanks. You're welcome. Sorry! Help! Come here. Get back! Loot chest! Revive me! Don't revive me. Stay alive! I'm coming to revive! Go revive! Are you ready,? Let's go! Good job! Nice! Grats![/spoiler] These messages would appear in a similar fashion to the way emotes currently do, just with <player name>: <message>. Of course, the frequency of messages you can throw out there should be limited - perhaps 3 to 5 within 10 seconds then a limit of one message after 5-10 seconds until a 10-20 second silent period to reset the limiter. Just throwing numbers out there. Another option is having separate chat wheels for different categories of messages. For instance, one that contains messages for use primarily in the Crucible/PvP but also has messages relevant to some PvE elements (only visible to your team): [spoiler]Attack A/B/C! or Defend A/B/C! (auto-determined by which team controls the point) Follow me! Lead the way. Incoming! Enemy super! (warning) I'll super! (would display the name of the super depending on your subclass) Going for heavy ammo Charge! I'll flank them. You flank them. Enemy sniper! Enemy vehicle! Stick together. Spread out! Go left. Go right. Stay here. I'll stay here. Need ammo! I'll cover you![/spoiler] Obviously, I've been listing suggestions and not all of these could fit onto one wheel (unless perhaps the user opts to use the Expanded Chat Wheel in the Options/Settings, perhaps?) I'm also thinking, if it were split into multiple D-pad buttons for differet wheels, it could be divided into General (up), Tactical/Combat (left), and Objective (right). Initially I had the thought that the left/right D-pads could be used to switch grenade types on the fly, but my friend convinced me that could be a bit unbalanced. Also, I know that it will be clunky to use at first, but given time players should be able to memorize or develop muscle memory for all the messages they need. [b][u]The Emote Wheel[/u][/b] Emote wheel -- basically the same control concept, but with Down on the D-pad. The emotes could be displayed on the wheel as plain text but display the text in the message box in the same way; it would be the same as the way dancing and pointing work now. The emote list could definitely be expanded as well, but, let's face it, nothing will ever be as perfect as Lost Planet 2's system/variety. Anyways, yadda yadda, [i]potential*[/i] emote list (*emotes take animating and stuff, so not quite as easily added in as text): [spoiler]Wave Point Dance Sit (set to the bottom of the wheel for simplicity, I guess) Laugh Thumbs up Thumbs down Cheer Fist Pump / Joy (think Dark Souls' Joy gesture) Threaten / Throat slice (that sliding your thumb across your neck gesture) Shrug Sigh Cry Kneel Taunt (I think of the "Well! What is it!" gesture from Dark Souls) [i]Praise the Sun![/i] (......oh, wait) [i]Praise the Traveler![/i] (there we go)[/spoiler] Plus another idea that's a bit more unique and complicated that I'll put by itself: [spoiler]Idle (or some other name) It would have subclass-specific animations, and possibly would loop while the player is still. [b]Titans:[/b] I'm thinking Striker would punch fists together/crack knuckles/etc.; not sure about Defender. [b]Warlocks:[/b] Voidwalker could "play" with a micro version of their super just twirling it about their fingers; Sun Singer, similar but solar. [b]Hunters:[/b] Gunslingers could take out their Golden Gun and twirl it about all Western style; Bladedancers, similar but more stabby stabby because knife.[/spoiler] Welp, I'm sure I'm forgetting some number of ideas and key points, but I'll deal with that later. [spoiler][i]Don't tell anyone at my work that this is what I've been doing all day.[/i][/spoiler]

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