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Social Interaction Menu (Emotes, Waypoints, Races, Favorite Items, and more..)

Nope, just give me voice chat.


Good idea, but I still want voice chat.


Nope, and I don't want voice chat.


Good idea, but i don't want voice chat.


Nope, we don't need voice chat.


Good idea, then we wouldn't need voice chat.


So, the [url=]proximity/voice chat petition[/url] has apparently been sent to and received by Bungie, they said they're talking it over. Meanwhile, I thought of a [b]compromise[/b] if Bungie decides they still don't want to deal with the 'problems' every other game that has voice chat deals with. What if we took the emotes off the dpad? Not out of the game, but take them off the dpad, and in its place make a quick-interaction-menu? [b][u]This menu might contain, but not be limited to: [/u][/b] [b]-Emotes[/b] (existing, and maybe some new ones.. /slowclap ftw) [b]-Quick-phrases[/b] ("Reloading.", "AFK", "I found something", "Let's go!", "Stop!", "Yes.", "No.", *"Help!", etc.) *[not sure how useful 'help' would be seeing as you'd have to stop focusing to try and choose it from the menu..] [b]-Waypoints[/b] (be able to set a waypoint, max of one (or three? A,B,C?) per fireteam member/leader, that's visible to your fireteam) [this could be useful for marking things like dead ghosts, chests, tactical positions, races..?, etc.] [b]-Point to point race[/b] (builds upon waypoints, mark a minimum of two waypoints, start/finish, maybe allow another waypoint or three in the middle for checkpoints, once waypoints are placed, leader initializes race via menu, fireteam groups up at starting line (A), once all are accounted for: first person to get through all of the checkpoints in order, or to the finish line (B), wins. A small betting pool would be cool, and doesn't seem impossible to implement.) [b]-Favorite Items/quick equip menu[/b] (be able to mark gear as a favorite, and have it be added to a short list of items equipable through interaction menu) [should be faster and less obtrusive than pausing to switch gear] [b]-[Your suggestion goes here][/b] I really hope voice chat gets added, but if it doesn't, this would be a compromise that would definitely help the social aspect of the game feel more.. Social. Feel free to suggest ideas of your own that would make sense on such a menu, and to suggest why some of these might not work.

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