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I've Given Up on Destiny and Got My Refund; Here's Why Maybe You Should Too (If You're Having Problems Still)

After waiting a week for some kind of technical support, customer service, communication, anything from Bungie regarding my inability to play Destiny despite having paid for it, I've given up. I've uninstalled the game and have been given a full refund from Microsoft under the "(ii) the media does not work" clause of the MS Refund Policy. Here's my original support thread: Before I go, I wanted to post this. Not to incite argument or debate, nor to flame the game itself or the game makers or the community. From the start, I maintained not that I had a problem with the technical difficulties surrounding the game launch, but that I had an inherent problem with Bungie's absolute lack of communication, technical support, customer service, guidance, everything. I waited and waited and asked and requested and at the end of a week, I got tired of feeling like a beggar with an empty cup in my hands, pleading for Bungie to spare me a few cents. As a product developer and their relationship with a consumer, this is the opposite of how it should be. A company should cherish the business of its consumers and should reward and protect the investment of their early adopters. Not cast them aside and make them feel as though they are in the wrong for requesting a bit of information as to why the product the consumer has purchased is unusable, and perhaps what is being done to render it useable, and perhaps a timeline for when that might take place. For those thinking "oh just shut up and go away; if you don't want to play, fine, get your refund and begone" I say this: I'm writing this because if consumers don't hold their product developers to a certain standard, then we're left with whatever a developer deems acceptable. The company believes it's okay that a consumer's request for customer service or technical support can go unanswered for a week; the company believes it's okay to have a game that is unplayable by some of its unconsumers remain in that state without communication or information back to that consumer group. I'm writing this because if all of you who are having now the same issues I was having all pursued your refunds, you'd hit them where the care: their pocket books. And then, perhaps, they'd listen and change their practices. Sadly, instead, all I'm going to read about is how great a game Destiny is, and what a superb job Bungie did. There will be no one to hold Bungie accountable for producing and releasing a game that was not ready for release at the cost of their consumers time. And again, to those who say "well it worked fine for me so stop complaining" I'm glad it worked fine for you, but it didn't work fine for me. At all. This is akin to 30,000 people buying tickets to a football game and when everyone shows up, 2,000 tickets turn out to be faulty and those consumers are turned away at the door. The other 28,000 I'm sure have a great time and say the game is great (other than the lights turning off every once in awhile). Is that okay? Maybe to you, it is. But to me, it isn't. Not simply because I'm one of those 2,000 but we should ALL have a problem with that. Because next time, what if you're one of those 2,000? Wouldn't you want the other 28,000 to join you in your outrage at having bought a perfectly good ticket with your hard earned money... and then not get what you paid for? Anyway, I'll stop now. Writing this gave me something to do while I was on hold with MS support. The MS Store Support guy, by the way, was superb. He listened to my problem, and when I said I believe it warranted a refund, explained that he could help, it would take him 15 minutes or more to complete that, and asked if I was okay waiting. As the 15 minutes went by, he kept popping back on the phone to let me know "it'll be another 10 minutes" "7 minutes to go" "3 more minutes" "almost there" "okay, done thanks for your patience sir". You see the difference, Bungie? I can't even CALL you guys. And if I did, the analogous scenario would be that I would just reach an automated voice that would say "PLEASE HOLD" with no further information... and no one would ever actually pick up the phone. Got my refund, and I'm off to put my money behind product developers more deserving. Best of luck to the rest of you players out there.

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