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The TRUE Shadow of the Traveler - Spoiler!! Plot Explained

[u][b]The TRUE Shadow of the Traveler - Spoiler!! Plot Explained[/b][/u] Ever since I first saw this image, I knew something wasnt right about the Traveler. We were lied to. Led to believe it was our benefactor and savoir. Giving us advanced technology and unlimited protection, FOR FREE. That we were the GOOD GUYS, fighting a righteous crusade against the evil "Darkness" and its army to reclaim our worlds. We couldnt have been any more wrong... [b]The Traveler[/b] It is common knowledge that the Traveler was first discovered on Mars. From the trailer Bungie revealed - [url=]E3 2014 Trailer[/url] - you can clearly see that when it first came in contact with humans it was undamaged, or as I like to say, "un-ruptured", compared to how it is now - [url=]Ruptured Traveler[/url]. Yes I use that word because to me it looks like the Traveler's "wounds" were actually caused internally, specifically by a force that broke out of it. Also the fact that the "rupture" is on the bottom (pointed toward the humans) follows both physics (gravity) and the fact that whatever came out was aiming for humans. The Traveler is a type of spore pod. Fungus can form very similar large white spheres - [url=]fungal spore pod[/url] What are the spores the Traveler released? [b]Ghosts[/b] Since everyone is familiar with Ghosts I only want to focus on three main points, taken right from [url=]Ghosts @ Destinypedia[/url] "Ghosts originate from the Traveler's technology and light." - biomechanical parasites most likely nanobot fungus similar to the [i]"Technocyte Virus" [/i]from [i]Dark Sector/Warframe[/i] [url=]Technocyte Virus[/url] "Ghosts seek out their Guardian companions from the ancient dead and revive them." - Certain fungus strains are also capable of controlling hosts, turning them into literal zombies that infect others by causing them to explode, very similar to what happens with the Hunter's Light based super "combustion"- [url=]Zombie Fungus[/url] and also [url=]Combustion[/url] "An advertisment for Destiny claimed that Ghosts existed during the Golden Age." - If we were led to believe the Ghosts came to be to aid us AFTER The Collapse, why would they be here BEFORE? Unless they were the trigger. - [url=]Original Ad[/url] [b]Achlyophage Symbiote[/b] To start with, [u]Achlyophage Symbiote[/u] , appears to be a parasitic organism that produces light. [url=]Achlyophage Symbiote[/url] IN EXCHANGE FOR EATING YOUR THOUGHTS. Thoughts are part of your brain's "dark matter". Dark matter produces large amounts of electricity, literally an organic battery - [url=]Brain's Dark Matter[/url] Still not satisfied, I wanted to break down the meaning of [u]Achlyophage Symbiote[/u] and figure out its true nature. "Achlyo" - is Greek for "darkness" - [url=]achlyo[/url] "Phage" - means “a thing that devours”, also Greek derived from the word "phagos/phagous" - meaning “eating,” “feeding on,” or “devouring” - [url=]phage[/url] [url=]phagous[/url] "Symbiote" - also known as "symbiont" - means "an organism living in a state of symbiosis", with the last word meaning - "the living together of two dissimilar organisms, as in mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, or [u]parasitism[/u]." [url=]symbiont[/url] [url=]symbiosis[/url] So the true meaning of [u]Achlyophage Symbiote[/u] is - [b]Darkness-devouring Parasite[/b]. What is the Darkness it eats? Your BRAIN AND THOUGHTS, or rather the ELECTRICITY your brain produces. And in return it creates LIGHT as its waste product. [b]Enemies[/b] I dont think they are OUR enemies, rather they are the Traveler's. However since we humans are both the Traveler's food source and its fighting force, they seek to purge us as well - very similar to how in Bungie's earlier games the Forerunners (and later the Covenant) used Halos to purge all sentient life to combat the parasitic Flood - [url=]Halo Array[/url] However not all species would sit back and let the Traveler consume them. [b]Vex[/b] "When they appear in our solar system, Vex arrive by way of warp gates set up around the galaxy from an unknown location or time" "Though they are robotic in nature, the Vex are not new off the assembly line; rather, they look and feel like they could be thousands of years old" "Their bodies are made of an unknown metal alloy resembling hammered brass, yet they are not entirely mechanical; some organic materials are present as well" - [url=]Vex @ Destinypedia[/url] So we know that the Vex are biomechanical humanoid creatures, that are from another time and place long ago. They have abondoned their organic brains to prevent being consumed. Further digging reveals the Vault of Glass special gear with bonuses against Vex. The inscriptions on this gear, pieced together, paints three distinct stories that give us insight into the Vex. I highlighted on this in a recent post, and included the link there so go check it out for yourself - [url=]Vault of Glass - REWARDS LEAKED!![/url] Also - [u]Vex Precursors Grimiore Card[/u] - [url][/url] [b]Elements[/b] The Traveler empowers human corpses- Guardians - to use elemental "magic" This is accomplished by the Ghost parasitizing of its human host Elements are really the 3 stages of digestion, by the Ghosts Void - the absorption/digestion process by the nanobot fungus swarm drains life energy, aka "The Hunger" - [url=]The Hunger[/url] Arc - the harnessed electricity in pure form, stored and released as powerful charges Light - the byproduct (or waste product) produced by consuming sentient beings' thoughts and electrical brain impulses [b]The Darkness[/b] [quote]“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.” [/quote] ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings [quote]“Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)” [/quote] ― Horace, The Odes of Horace: Bilingual Edition Our solar system was born from the Darkness. We are creatures of shadow. Even we humans, standing in the light of our Sun, carry darkness in our minds. Its this mysterious darkness that our thoughts, imagination, personality, wants, desires, and character are derived from. The darkness is what makes us, us. It IS us. The Traveler seeks to devour our darkness, our very life source, and turn our dry corpses into a zombie army. My guess is after all living sentients are consumed, the Ghosts then form a new Traveler and seek out other worlds to infect and devour - very similar to [i]Life Fibers [/i]from the anime, [i]Kill la Kill[/i] - [url=]Life Fibers @ Kill la Kill wiki[/url] [b]TL:DR[/b] The Traveler is a giant artificial mechanical nano-fungus spore pod, that released its spores upon Earth, rupturing itself and causing untold death and destruction in The Collapse The Ghosts are spores/ nanobot fungus swarm that spread infection and parasitize on humans, turning them into zombies and allowing them to combust the Traveler's enemies with Light The Guardians are reanimated corpses controlled by the nanobots (Ghosts) and able to utilize life force/brain energy in the form of elements [b]- [i]True Reclaimer [PS4 True_Reclaimer][/i][/b] [url=]ReClaim Clan[/url] [quote]Rise. Raid. ReClaim. [/quote]

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