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How Bungie Could Address In-Game Social Issues

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One issue on a lot of people's minds is no proximity chat. I don't mind that it's not a feature. I think it makes for a safer, more fun environment online. But there still needs to be something more than the emotes we've been given to communicate. My idea: BEACONS. It's just a jumping off point but here's what I've got brewing in my skull. [b]See Image 1:[/b] [url=]CHOOSE YOUR BEACON[/url] Basically if you're wanting to look for other people to play with in-game, my idea is to go set you're Fireteam Privacy to Public. But doing so opens a side menu option to SET A BEACON. Whether you're looking for people to play the story, do Raids and Strikes, explore, or go into the Crucible, you can choose between all of them. So when you're in the Tower or even out in the wild, this is how you might appear in the Roster Menu: [b]See Image 2[/b]: [url=]ROSTER MENU[/url] The idea here being that as soon as you land in the Tower, you could check the Roster for players who share your interest and join them immediately. These BEACON icons on your player card would ideally be flashing or something to get the attention of whoever's looking. And if going into the Roster Menu is too complicated, maybe these BEACONS could appear over players' heads as you get near them. Maybe next to their level or gamertag. As I mentioned this is just a jumping off point. If you don't think it's good, please reply with why and/or what you would do to improve or change this idea. Thanks! [b]Edit 1: Another Idea from [i]Amusekus[/i][/b] [i]I was preferring more of a party finder like in FF14:ARR. A way to see who is looking, inspect their gear and class, actually communicate before doing activities. MM just puts you with random people. For many things in FF14:ARR people would form parties through party finder instead of using MM. Party Finder use could usually find or make more quality groups.[/i] [b]Edit 2: [i]DanielKBoom's Idea[/i] [/b] [i]I think we need bigger. We only have 16 players in the tower? I hope we see more. The chances you will find a player that wants to join you are ok. I would like to see a board, like the bounty board. We post on it what we want. It will be seen by all the players that are on line, on your system. Bigger pool of players. All the players.[/i]

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    why not just have prox chat that can be toggled on and off? no speaking may make for a safer environment but certainly not a more fun one... it would be like going to a party where no one was allowed to talk, every one just sat there awkwardly drinks in hand staring at each other silently till some one who had a fear of being stared at broke down crying and then was shot on the spot for making a noise with their mouth... then the only otions available to express your distress at the situation would be to point at the man holding the gun and then interpretively dance a displeased gesture on the corps of the poor victim while all your friends either sat down or waved... simple not a fun time at all. also that really doesn't seem much safer either when you look at in the way my story views it...

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