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Group Wall / Private Message / Conversation Feedback

So for those of you who aren't aware, Bungie has apparently been tinkering with the website over the past couple of days and one of the newest additions is a feature which makes Group Walls actually useful. Group Walls now manifest themselves as a Private Message conversation that the entire group can participate in by either replying to the wall or by replying to the private messages. It makes groups more accessible and makes people more aware of general happenings within the group. Personally I'm rather fond of the feature, I always thought group walls were super silly but in this form they're terribly useful because they make groups way more accessible. Rather than having to go to my group list, find a group I want to check in on, click on the forums, and then see if there are any new threads that have been posted since I last checked, I instantly see activity in the upper right hand of my screen which let's me know what's going on. However, I wouldn't say it's perfect, I've heard reports of people's phones exploding with notifications in the middle of the night, complaints that there's no way to opt out of the conversations aside from leaving the group / having the group's founder disable the wall, and several other problems with the PM system. Personally I think that it would be useful if these "Group Conversations" had their own dedicated icon in the upper right hand of the Website UI to seperate them from normal People PMs and Multi-People PMs as the latters tend to get drowned out by the much more frequent group conversations. What do you guys think? What do you like and value most about the feature? What do you think could use work? If there's any specific bugs or glitches, feel free to report them with the [url=]Bug Submission Form[/url] either in this thread or in a seperate thread. Edit: To elaborate, by having it's own icon category, users would be able to go into their notification settings and configure whether or not they want to receive notifications / alerts for it. Edit 2: Now with Concept Art! I wanted to mock up what my idea for a seperate icon my look like visually in Microsoft Paint, the king of hastily made mock up programs. The key aspect of this design is that rather than indicating activity with a red number that indicates how many unread messages you've had like the normal PM system, the Group Conversation icon glows a calming shade of cyan to indicate that there is unread activity in any number of your groups. I think I'm not alone when I say that seeing unread notifications or private messages in the upper right causes me some amount of anxiety, I feel compelled to check it out whenever there's activity. However, I don't think users want to be alerted like this whenever a pin drops in their private group, the thing I value the most about this feature is that it makes current happenings in my groups super accessible but I don't need to know every little thing that has been said in them immediately upon posting. The blue glow lets me know that there's stuff going on, and if I feel so inclined, I can check it out. Oh yeah, also there's a bug where if someone posts on a wall and then the group's founder disables the wall feature before you can click and view the PM it is permanently in your private message box as unread with no way to read it.

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