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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.
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Impeccable Sarkeesian Logic

Gun down legions of men in every game ever = Perfectly Fine Woman gets mildly hurt in some game = Blatant sexism Mercy killing Women is sexist because it portrays women as helpless Nothing wrong with Captain Keys Death or the Commander from Battlefield 4 or Clementine killing Lee or Rundas' Death in Metroid Prime We need more female protagainist Ignore Metroid Females are not represented Equally to men therefor sexism Mass Effect is sexist because Fem-Shepard is equal to Male-Shepard "Ideal" Female body portrayed in games = Objectification "Ideal" Male figure portrayed in games = "Male Power Fantasy" We need more Female Game Devs "LOL WTF is Fine Young Capitalists" Believes all men are part of some non existent Patriarchyluminati Death cult Anyone who is critical of her work or background while citing evidence is a Conspiracy theorist Hates women using sex as a tool Defends the shit out of Zoë Quin for doing exactly that Stereotyping women is bad Stereotypes all gamers as Strait sexist White dudebros "Earings and Makeup and lipstick are sexist gender signifies" ^ said while wearing earings Makeup and lipstick [quote] It's not exactly a fandom, I'm not a fan of video games[/quote] 2 Years later during Kickstarter Campaign [quote] I've been a gamer all my life[/quote] Receives death threats online; "Woe is me, now give me money" 10 year old boy gets death threats from her supporters: "TopKek" Games reward you for abusing women, now here's some out of context gameplay clips showing me hurting a woman even though the game actually punishes you harshly for committing said act and you have no reason to try to do this. Claims to be against sexism LOLWTFIs Metroid OTher M Thinks Bayonatta was designed my men.

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