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ATTENTION ALL GUARDIANS OF URANUS - The clan needs YOU to act immediately.

[b]Guardian of Uranus[/b], thank you for taking the time to read this, as this matter involves us all. Only a week before the Launch of Destiny, our clan is met with a horrible and potentially crippling obstacle. You, representing a powerful core asset of our coalition, are the only one who can help make it otherwise. When the Beta launched, we were initially encountered with an error when trying to use the name "Saving Uranus", as it assumed the name was foul. We found a workaround by using a variant "U" character font, resulting in our clan [b]Saving Uranůs[/b] ( ), which we are all very proud of and attached to. We have over 200 members. Friends. Allies. We have our very own [url=]Youtube channel[/url]. [url=]The Shadow Ravens Alliance[/url] has proudly taken Saving Uranůs under its allied force. We have spent countless hours together already in the Iron Banner. [b]THE BAD NEWS[/b]: Bungie have (just today) reset the clans and now prevent the use of special characters, resulting in our name Saving Uranůs not being usable. "Saving Uranus" is not usable either, given the disputably overboard profanity filter. What do we do? What chance does Uranus stand to return to its former Golden Age glory without us to assist? [b]GUARDIANS OF URANUS[/b]: What YOU can do to help is simple. We just need to get this to Bungie's attention, as I assume they would gladly acknowledge our clan as a valuable asset to their universe, as we are certain of. [b]STEP 1[/b] - Reply to this post, stating your allegiance to our one and noble cause: To save Uranus. [b]STEP 2 [/b]- Copy the URL of this post and paste it as a response to [url=]another thread I made to try to get Bungie's attention.[/url] [b]STEP 3 [/b]- With a Twitter account, send a quick message regarding the matter to [i]@Bungiehelp[/i], making sure to link the above thread. We are open to further ideas to try to get our problem known. We need you, Guardians. Our gaseous planet cannot do it alone. Yogurtstorm, out.

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    @bungie Lets say for example you are right at this present time, Uranus cannot be used as a clan name and our beloved attempt at saving the planet of Uranus will be wiped off the face of the universe. But, surely by doing this you are wiping Uranus's existence out as well. Vanquishing Uranus from our solar system, as if it never existed in the first place. Also why cant a clan declare a directive of saving a planet in our solar system, other clans have, for example. (Combined voices of Mars) (Guardians of new Venus) (Mercury mayhem) (Jupiter II) (Rings of Saturn) (Neptunes pilgrims) (Allied citizens of Earth). So my point is what have you got against us saving Uranus? Saving Uranůs

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