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PSN ID Swap List - and Clan Recruitment Board!!

[u][b]PSN ID Swap List - and Clan Recruitment Board!![/b][/u] Share your PSN here so you can play with other Guardians! Find a PSN to add and team up a new friend! Perfect for Strikes Raids and PVP [u][b]Anyone Looking For A Clan[/b][/u] [b]ReClaim[/b] was one of the top ranked PS4 clans in both the Alpha and the Beta. [b]ReClaim Clan[/b] is the main force - aiming to be the 1st clan to beat the Vault of Glass raid, and be top in Crucible. However membership is exclusive and most requests to join will not be approved. Rather, elite players are abducted, sealed in a black room, and starved for seven days until they are released back into the world naked and confused, or find themselves chained to a PS4 in an underground bunker. On a contrasting note - the[b] ReClaim subclans[/b] are community focused and do not discriminate. All are welcome, so long as you are mature and know how to have a good time. Veterans with busy lives, new and casual players, and those looking to just have fun - are all accepted. To join - simply choose one of the subclans below and "request to join". You will automatically be accepted. [b]ReClaim Clan2 [/b]- [b]ReClaim Clan3[/b] - [b]ReClaim Clan4[/b] - [b]ReClaim Clan5 [/b]- [u][b]Other Clans[/b][/u] You may post here and recruit here. I have no problem with that. I want as many members of the community as possible to find a clan that suits them! [b]- [i]True Reclaimer [PS4 True_Reclaimer][/i][/b] [url=]ReClaim Clan[/url] [quote]Rise. Raid. ReClaim.[/quote]

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  • If youre looking for a growing and good community clan with an edge on fun and destiny dominance well you found it [b]Who are we?[/b] We are Super Saiyan Guardians. We are a small clan that will quickly expand when the community realizes our undying potential [b]What is our purpose[/b] we are a clan oriented to running end game raids, dominating in PvP, helping level guardians, running strikes/doing story missions, and exploring all the beauties this game has to offer. We know the secrets to gather glimmer quickly and efficiently (in the beta we had all the ships on all our guardians). We also know the best ways to gear out a guardian and get the gear unlocks. In the end our purpose is to have a clan that people look forward to talking to when they log in and can expect the highest level of performance from if they get us in a raid/strike or meet us in the open world. [b]What can the community expect from our clan?[/b] We are a clan that will excel in all that we do. We will establish static groups with one or two open slots so the community can join us in raids (we are willing to invite others so they can experience the raids and acquire the gear from them) or strikes. We will expand the clan so we can work with any players time zones and are looking for admins to cover time slots. Our admins will be in charge of setting up raid/strike groups by first filing them with our clan members and then, if there is anyone needing help, with others from the community. If you see our clan in the open world and you are struggling you can flag us down with a wave/point (it cant be a dance unless you expect to have a five minute dance off with us) and we will assist you. We will be establishing clan events to keep our clan engaged and to introduce new clan members with each other so we can utilize their skills to their fullest potential and they will never be alone when their adventures take them from the comforts of the tower and away from the traveler. [b]What are the requirements to join?[/b] You must be 15 years of age or older. Must be on PS3 or PS4. You must have a love for Destiny. [b]Additional Information[/b] Although it is not a requirement it is a HUGE convenience for the other clan members if you have a mic. We are looking to expand to the PS3 and are looking for admins to spearhead this frontier, we have recruited a lot of PS3 players over the last few days so this is a growing section of our clan. If you intend to be an admin or join one of our static groups a mic is a must. Our current admins have over 80 hours of combined Destiny game play already under our belts so we know what to expect in the coming release. We are also staying current on all the information of the changes, additions, and modifications that are to be expected with the release and doing research on what is to come with the future DLCs. If you have any other questions feel free to ask! If this seems like a clan for you then click the link below to visit our clan homepage: [url][/url]

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