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Top 5 Ways to Pre-Optimize PS4 for Destiny! -UPDATED-

[u][b]Top 5 Ways to Pre-Optimize PS4 for Destiny! [/b][/u] [b]1. Defrag your PS4! (Rebuild Database)[/b] - This is something everyone needs to do once a month! Do you suffer from laggy menus, slow messages, and invites that never send?? This is the solution!! All it does is spend 3 minutes cleaning your PS4s OS (operating system) so that corrupt/junk/temporary files are deleted and lost files are put in their places! No game data will be lost, and all downloads and settings stay the same. Its just like giving your PS4 a virtual shower, letting it clean off its sweat and dirt. Hey you should shower yourself too! (Hopefully more than once a month) [u]For instructions either watch the vid or click this link and follow option 5 [/u] [url][/url] to read Sony Support's fancy techno-talk. [b]2. Switch to Wired Connection![/b] - Let's face it, WiFi sucks. Unless you enjoy disconnections and lag, do yourself a favor and buy a really long Ethernet cord to plug your PS4 right into your router (or better yet directly into your modem!) Make sure to limit the number of devices using the internet, and turn off any programs/downloads that eat up bandwidth such as torrents, youtube, and Netflix. [b]3. Ignored #2? Alright WiFi guy [/b]- At the very least make sure if you're intent on using WiFi that your router can handle gaming. And try to move as close as possible to the router! If your router is upstairs in your dads room and your PS4 is downstairs in the basement, its safe to assume you will have connection issues. Also keep in mind the more connected devices, the more lag you may get! So tell your sister to stop watching Netflix on the tablet! [b]4. Buy Long Micro USB Cords![/b] - I bought a bunch of 10ft microusb cords cheap on eBay and they come in handy. One plugs my controller right into the PS4. Another plugs into a charger and refuels my wireless headset. And a third plugs into my cell phone, useful for checking the Destiny Companion App and Twitter, without worrying about my cell dying. The last thing you want is your controller dying on you in the middle of a raid! PLUG IT IN PLUG IT IN [b]5. Keep It Cool[/b]! - Make sure your PS4 doesnt overheat! Place it down flat and in an open area thats well circulated. Meaning on a desk/tv stand without stuff cluttered on or around it! If you live in a hot area get some air conditioning! And dont rely on the PS4's internal fans to do all the work - get a cheap $10 portable fan and aim it at the PS4 to help blow away the hot air in the back. Your PS4 may get dusty from all the air intake so dont forget to clean it with a q tip, and maybe invest in a cheap portable HEPA Filter unit to make the air cleaner for both the system and your lungs! [b]BONUS[/b] - An ideal connection is a NAT Type 2 OPEN (or MODERATE if youre lazy) NAT Type. You should have [u]at least[/u] 15 mbps download speed and 3.5 mbps upload speed with a Ping of 25 [u]or less[/u]. Check on pc and also run an internet connection test on your PS4 in settings. If your connection is crap, FIX IT. Google it, check tech forums, call your internet service provider, complain to your mom, do whatever you gotta do to get it right. Hope this guide helped, Guardians. [b]UPDATE[/b] - A lot of good suggestions and questions regarding NAT Type. NAT Type 1 means OPEN and your ps4 is directly connected to the modem. NAT Type 2 can mean 2 different things - OPEN connected to router, or MODERATE connected to router. [u]To ensure an OPEN NAT give your PS4 a Static IP and then edit your router settings and put the ps4's static IP in the DMZ.[/u][i] DMZ is preferred over port forwarding to ensure no mistakes, plus the PS4 has a built in firewall and PSN is a secure server so security is not an issue.[/i] Lastly, NAT Type 3 means STRICT and this will affect your gameplay. You can follow the same steps of Static ip and DMZ to fix it.[u] This link will show you how to set a static IP for your PS4[/u] - [url][/url]. [u]To access your router - you must Google your model number[/u] because each one has different menus and instructions. Also[u] don't forget to turn off UPnP![/u] Unless you are using a printer connected to the router, it is a useless resource hog and a major security risk! - [b]- [i]True Reclaimer [PS4 True_Reclaimer][/i][/b] [url=]ReClaim Clan[/url] [quote]Rise. Raid. ReClaim. [/quote]
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