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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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There should be a fee for kids under 17 years of age.

I want everybody to play Destiny, I really do. But it is a fact that children are immature and because of this, they often ruin the game for other players. It's not because they are bad people, I'm not saying that. It's because they are emotional, hot-headed, they think they know more than they do. This often causes a lot of conflict with other players who just want to have fun. The irrationality and immaturity of the children will clash with the seasoned gaming veteran. Now, I'm not saying kids should be banned from Destiny, I want them to enjoy it to. What I'm saying is that bungie takes measures to encourage the parents of children to supervise them and to teach them proper manners in online gaming. How does bungie do this you may ask? The kinect and playstation 4 camera are more than capable of reading faces and matching them up with public databases if the proper software is written for both of them. The cameras scan the children and match them up with a public record. If the child is found to be under the age of 17, an additional monthly fee of $10 will be required to allow them to play. If the fee is not paid, then they cannot play.This requires that the parents invest in the child, so the parents will not want their kids to screw it up, or else they risk being banned. Which would be a waste of money. Now why 17 you may ask? Well, 17 is the biological age of maturity. It is at this time that the process of puberty begins to end. Hormones are released into your body that allow for more rational thinking. Before this happens, it is literally impossible to be mature. Sure, some kids may act mature, but that's because they've been supervised by their parents. Some may even believe that they are mature, even going so far as to say [quote]I'm 13/14/etc and I don't swear or do any of those things.[/quote] but that's because the way they view reality is skewed. Sure, some adults may act immature, but this is because they have to deal with immature kids. Science has shown that high pitched noises activate certain instincts in adults. It has to do with protecting the young. When babies cry, adults automatically want to do something to get the baby to stop crying. This is the instinct high pitched noises appeal to. It makes adults irrational and emotional. This is not something that contributes to a friendly gaming environment. So if you encounter a grown person who appears to be acting immature, it's probably because they just encountered a kid.
#feedback #satire

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