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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.
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An end to the platform wars.

Disclaimer: I'm likely gonna piss everyone of you off, or at least most of you Playstation fanboys: your console is a bit more powerful than the xbox one, the cost of zero f[u]u[/u]cking exclusives worth anybodies time. Meanwhile all you do is boast numbers and sales and whatnot, hiding from the fact that you have no games. Oh and PSnow is retarded. Seriously doe what am I supposed to play if I'm a competitive fps fan? Killzone? Don't make me laugh; that game is now a joke thanks to you. Xbox fanboys: your exclusives had some promise......until they all went to PC #toplel. Your company does some smart things and then some goddamn moronic things. They could have already toppled Sony but they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. We all know you have money, so buy full exclusivity. And drop lolkinect entirely. Sony did it with move, now it's your turn. Oh and the windows theme sucks. Nintendo fanboys: Yeah you've got fun games at your disposal, and a lot of them, so you're already farther than m$ and drony. So why the -blam!- does your console feel like a piece of plastic? Where is the online support? Why do I have to hold this shitty controller with a screen on it? Stop with the gimmicks. I know you guys market towards 10 year olds but us adults can see though that. PC fanboys: eh, you spend a lot of money on video games....but I guess it's a computer too, and if you have the money why not. Your "exclusives" are an absolute joke and somehow worse than sony's. That's all I got. [spoiler]if you're too stupid to realize the point of my post, it's that every platform is shit in some way or another. So arguing what's better is dumb[/spoiler]

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