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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Wearing different helmets provides different HUDs

If different helmets had different HUDS it'd be cool.


If different helmets had different HUDs it's not cool.


[b][u]NOTICE TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THIS SINCE BEFORE LAUNCH edit:1/1/2015 [/u][/b] [spoiler][i]Since before launch it has been an honor seeing the never ending positive community support for this poll and community ideas contributed by outstanding community. Don't quit. Maybe Bungie will hear you & make it all happen.[/i][/spoiler] [b]@Bungie, DeeJ, Jason, and other Devs[/b]: [spoiler]By no means would I ever expect a comment on this thread or poll to mean any of it would be implemented into the game. But [i]if[/i] you'd happen to have read it, I'd greatly appreciate that you acknowledge it with your valuable input. Your feedback would be overwhelmingly appreciated. ([i]thank you[/i])[/spoiler] [b][u]Added notation[/u][/b]: Guys... Gals... Guardians.... This added notation is at the VERY TOP. This is a TOGGLE OPTION to turn off EXOTIC/Special HUDS in the settings menu. I'm placing this notation at the very top because it appears that people are not reading this which is clearly mentioned in the section called "[i][u]By Default[/u][/i]". There have been a lot of "If I don't like the HUD I'm screwed" comments. Please read. It's explained. ;o) This entire post/poll has been fine tuned to reflect various community contributions which have greatly increased the idea of "HUDs". "[b]JasonLeeJames[/b]" contributed a compiled list of community feedback, and it was added via link/URL pic to this thread. Further additions can be added to his post below, or independently. (Edited Sept 4, 2014 4:12pm EST) [u]Note: If [i]you[/i] have an idea please share. Please read the entire post. This post tripled in size. Multiple questions have had answers added. Some ideas are being repeated in contributions. If you have the means necessary to express a HUD or example of what you are contributing please feel free to design that example via Photoshop, Gimp, or other and supply via link. This mechanic is not confirmed via Bungie as something they are adding. In no way should this thread to be misconstrued as validation as addition to Destiny. This is a community contributed poll with great ideas, and all respectful and professional ideas are appreciated.[/u] [i][u]Helmet/Visor Quantity[/u][/i]: The concern for quantity of helmets/visors is correct (as per [b]Teyon's[/b] post). To clarify (my apologies for the late edit) my idea wasn't to apply this to [i]every[/i] helmet or visor. A variety of benefits to HUDs would of course be via Bungies discretion. Hopefully the ideas from community are a catalyst for these additions. [i][u]The Target Item/s[/u][/i]: Exotics (as per [b]"Revok's[/b] idea), legendary, or some uncommon would provide different HUDs based on rarity and/or class specials. The original idea came from the simple fact that cars in racing games=dashboards, different flight simulators=different cockpits, and different mechs in Steel Battalion Line of Contact had different layouts. So if what your guardian sees is through a helmet or visor.... [i] why not add that realistic approach to the Destiny universe for each guardian. [/i] [i][u]By Default:[/u][/i] An ability to [b]switch off[/b] or [b]to[/b] a [i]default HUD[/i] would be appropriate (as per [b]"I Am Pluto's"[/b] post) considering that if a helmet or visor has a HUD for some reason that isnt preferred, as [b]"Dalegore's"[/b] posted idea there could be an option in the settings menu that negates the "multi HUD displays" (just as [b]"Moudrost"[/b] suggested) that come with exotic or legendary helmets and visors. With an option to switch off a HUD all together (as per [b]"ElementL09's"[/b] suggestion), it also leaves us with a hardcore choice, if a player likes that intense feeling of not knowing [i]which also[/i] gives those who wish to do Machinima or montages a seperate option all together. At this point no theater mode has been confirmed nor denied. CONCLUSION: "Settings>Options>HUD: (Choices)Exotic/Legendary HUDs, or Default HUDs, or No HUDs". [i][u]Minor vs Major changes:[/u][/i] The differences don't have to be so big it's confusing, (as per "[b]Purplencute's[/b] idea) a custom option via the settings to adjust the hue of the radar or other HUD aspects [i]MAY[/i] benefit those who are color blind OR in certain environments of the game that have difficulty seeing aspects of a HUD. Changes strike me as something that adds to each players own individuality. As per [b]"Shadow1130's"[/b] idea contributed, the changes could be subtle additions that ADD to the uniqueness of exotic or legendary visors and helmets. Such as a "DPS indicator" that would become available in scenarios like "Raids", which would be an example of something not only beneficial, but unique in its own right. Other examples of minor changes for these exotic or legendary HUDs could include different radars, additional indicators, or maybe even some kind of "threat analysis" indicator that highlights enemies in PVE (as per "[b]Dark Fenrir's"[/b] suggestion), similar to a flash of a momentary silhouette upon an enemy in a color briefly pointing out their already invisible location. All the while [b]Ninpire[/b] (his idea of an added HUD example) has a HUD that gives him an advantage to have a highlighted arc in his HUD's display allowing him to know the exact trajectory of his grenade to be ricocheted above those Psions on the ceiling. The additions would be Bungies preference of course. The actual BENEFITS of varying communication could be staggering. As per "[b]Kisedaddy's[/b]" suggestion [i]maybe[/i] Bungie could implement the entire feature via "chip" upgrades to helmets and visors (Bungies discretion of course). Simple things like cracks, dirt, melted snow (as per "[b]Street Blazer's[/b]" idea) could also be cosmetic. The possibilities are endless. CONCLUSION: "Exotic/legendary/uncommon HUDs providing individual attributes to players who obtain them. Example: Shadow1130 during a raid has a HUD ability that detects damage per second giving him the ability to notify teammates during a Raid the necessity of focus on specific enemy/ies, whereas Dark Fenrir has a HUD that provides limited night vision giving him the ability to warn his team of the hidden Psions ABOVE everyone on the ceiling of a cave. These ideas increase team communication, a players value, the items worth, and an extraordinary outcome. [i][u]Developer Priority[/u][/i]: As per [b]"Cormac Dalcus'"[/b] post, aesthetic changes shouldn't of course take priority over launch, or problem solving detected through Bungies concurrency operations center. If anything if this idea was to be implemented at any point, I wouldn't want aesthetics to be prioritized over the games functionality. So yes I like the idea. I wouldn't be upset if it never happened despite how much I love all your input. And first things first when it comes to priority. Myself and others below have expressed understanding in this regard to Bungies heavily listed responsibilities of which we will never be fully aware. ;o) CONCLUSION: Community understands, as functionality is priority over aesthetics. This is not EA, Dice, Gearbox, or Trion Worlds who launch and sell broken products at the expense of consumers. **wink** [i][u]Your Feedback[/u][/i]: [b]Matters[/b] The input is appreciated which is why I added valid community points to the original post and credited those who contributed. [i]***Special mention to JasonLeeJames for literally reading everyone's posts in detail and compiling a list***[/i] [i][u]For Contributing members[/u][/i]: EDIT: Friday Sept 5th 12:25pm EST ***Due to the overwhelming and GREAT input from community in this poll and thread, Im not sure I can continue to add more to the original post. Its been about 5 DAYS of community contributions and how community has really stepped up. I hope all who contribute keep this thread afloat, so that Bungie takes notice they can see what you've all suggested in the ways of great ideas for implementing this feature. [b]FINAL OUTCOME of poll and Idea[/b]: (including community contributions) Legendary or exotic and/or rare helmets/visors providing different HUDs with additional or altered elements and displays, providing INDEPENDANT and unique abilities (grenade arcs, DPS meters, night vision or thermal visions, more accurate radars, threat indicators etc) adding a unique ability through a HUD that makes every guardian able to provide something in their own way through that helmet or visor they have earned, making communication more valid, making every guardian more unique, Including added HUD features pertaining to player class and/or Raids, which can be selected to be used, OR set as default, OR turned off all together in the settings menu. All by cosmetic changes without danger of exploitation. [i][u]Spreading the word[/u][/i]: EDIT: Friday Sept 5th, 12:11pm EST Its been about 5 days of community feedback being contributed to this thread. Community input has been outstanding. Please continue to share, but don't de-rail other polls or threads. Simply share the title of this poll [i]OR[/i] the pic below so those unaware are aware that their vote whether it's yay or nay matters. [b]The rest of you should be credited for your contributions. Thanks to community for keeping this thread afloat until launch day. Now that the game is released I wish you all well in your adventures. May the traveller be with you! [/b]

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