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Am I the only one who want's Bungie to make Destiny action figures of the classes, main characters, and enemies? I mean seriously, think of the potential! The different class figures could have interchangeable parts similarly to the game. For example, two different types of Warlocks could change their boots (lower half), gauntlets (full arm), bonds, helmets, and chest armor (torso) for a completely customized looking figure! They can even use softer, more-rubbery plastics for cloth and harder plastics for armor! UPDATE: Some news has surfaced and was shared with me thanks to member [u]Tristan[/u]. The group 3A will be making Destiny figures on a 1/6 (12 inch) scale. They've made Halo figures in the past, and just looking at them, I know we're in good hands. I'll warn you, though, the price range is a BIT out of the normal consumer's comfort zone; if close to the same price as the Halo figures, they'll be roughly $200, give or take. Take a look at the article below: [url][/url] UPDATE 2: The first of the 3A figures, the Titan, has been put online for pre-orders. If its quality is anything like the quality of the others, then go ahead and put me down for a Warlock! UPDATE 3: Thanks to user [u]OMNIMAN23[/u], pictures have been brought to my attention of 3A's next figure, the Warlock. Located in this group of pictures, you can see it comes with a Ghost, the Stranger's rifle, a machine gun, and what appears to be Murmur finishing the gun selection: [url][/url] Great-looking figure to add to any collection. UPDATE 4: In case you had not heard yet (I certainly hadn't), Mega Bloks is creating a line focused on Destiny and is allowing character customization in their Guardian minifigs. You can swap gear and create custom looks. It's no McFarlane figure, but it's definitely cheaper than the 3A figures. If you'd like to create a custom looking Guardian from Mega Bloks, go here: Now while I'm not the biggest fan of Mega Bloks (I prefer Lego), I will say this has me super interested and I might have to pick up a set or twenty. UPDATE 5: It has been brought to my attention by user [u]makkaroni321[/u] that the Hunter has been announced. There are pictures and a purchasing option in this link: I'm love the look of the cloak on this guy.

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