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Byf Covered in Honey: The Game

OK guys,   [b]Some Background:[/b] [spoiler]It occurs some of our newer members will have no idea why there is a game combining Byf and Honey - We're not all perverts - the short story is that Byf received a particularly explicit email from an anonymous forum member known only as Wednesday. Suffice to say it involved Honey. Byf in great embarrassment read part of this aloud during one episode, to much hilarity and teasing ever since. If I can find the episode number, I'll post it here.[/spoiler] Some thought this day may never come. Many [i]prayed[/i] it would never come. But who wants to see a Byf Covered in Honey game? The correct answer should be "everyone". But even better - I’d love you guys to help design it! I’ve never made a game or coded before, but a couple of months ago I downloaded Unity and decided to casually give it a go. Life and work have frequently got in the way of this endeavour, but this sandbox test is where it stands now; 2014.09.02 Update: [i]Changelog:[/i] - Crosshairs added - Copyright flouting Destiny BGM added (more options including Marathon BGM to be added later) [url=]Byfland Mac[/url] [url=]Byfland PC[/url] [b]Important Install info:[/b] [spoiler]I know Grandma always told you not to download files from strangers, but some of you should know me well enough to trust that I’m not offering anything malicious. If you’re using a Mac you’ll likely notice you can’t run it initially because I’m an [i]Unidentified Developer[/i]. You’ll then have to go to the [i]System Prefs/Security & Privacy[/i] and allow the blocked Application. To be honest I don’t have a PC, so I can only hope the PC version runs fine. Your feedback is very important here! Don’t worry about changing the Graphics Quality to maximum it’s only a 2D game, the “Good” setting is fine. Google Chrome may flag the exe as potentially malicious because its unsigned, please disregard this warning[/spoiler] [b]The Story So Far: [/b] [spoiler]So basically I’ve developed a simple 2D twin stick shooter. The infamous Wednesday is here portrayed by an evil Alien race disguised as Cheerleaders who want to cover the human race in honey. Their plan is to sell Honey Glazed Humans as the newest taste sensation at Galactic Fast Food joints. if part of that plot seems familiar, it’s because I ripped off … I mean made a homage … to Peter Jacksons brilliant cinematic trash “Bad Taste”. For the sake of the game, Byf is naturally the only person who can save the Human Race from such a sticky end.   It would be fantastic if you guys gave it a download and offered your feedback here. But please remember this is my first attempt at a game and it’s [b][i]only a sandbox test[/i][/b] at the moment, so it’s really [i]really[/i] rough. I know there are plenty of bugs – be kind :P There are Health Regens (soap) and Weapon Upgrades (weapon crates) implemented. I also plan to implement a 'Super' mode, but that's in development on my enormous [i]To-Do[/i] list. There is actually no way to ‘win’, you just have to achieve the highest score before you meet your untimely demise. Post some high score screenshots too, I’d love to see them.[/spoiler]   [b]The rules of engagement are simple - how you can help:[/b] [spoiler]Now you’ll notice the level design is non-existent at the moment and that’s somewhat intentional. Firstly I wanted to get the mechanics down before I started designing the levels. Secondly I wanted to pick the brains of this amazing community to help design the thing!   “Byfland” is just a working title. Please offer your own ideas for the name. I am planning 3 levels at a similar size to this sandbox test. I’m going specifically for a 30 degree isometric art style. Look at eBoy style artwork as an example (though in this case it's not pixel art, just isometric) For the very talented, you may notice there is no music - I can’t compose music in the slightest. If you have some musical talent bubbling up inside you, please help me. I’m looking for any cool gameplay music - from BitTunes to Metal!   So give me your level ideas - written / MS paint / cave art / Vector based / whatever. All is welcome!   I’m also planning two more enemy types that escalate in difficulty (three enemies, three levels – make sense?) These could be similar to the Cheerleader or be harder / larger / faster aliens.   If you are interested in playing around in Adobe Illustrator, message me and I’ll pass you some of the Ai files I’m working with so you can achieve similar line styles and scale the artwork to a Byf sized world unit. (I actually export these into Photoshop and scale them down considerably, but I wanted the clean linework and scalability that Illustrator offers)[/spoiler]   I know our lives will be overtaken by Destiny in a little over a week, and this will be forgotten, but maybe during this agonising final stretch you guys can channel your creativity to help create something great!   Cheers   BobObba

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