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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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The Last City Invasion (Public Event)! All Guardians must defend the Wall as a sudden Public Event. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BUNGIE! #makeithappenbungie

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    That would be great! I would like to add another part of the event, where in the ship dock. We have a large transport ship that moves us all to the wall. Since there would probably be a limit on how many people will be in the instance. How about making the scale of the event to support 15+ people. Imagine a drop ship style entrance, where The Hive is coming from below, the Fallen are stealthily scaling the wall like the Wildlings from Game Of Thrones. And later into the instance The Cabal crash into the wall and the Vex teleport in from deep below he Wall. The objective is mainly teamwork and not zerging. 5 players have to defend the bottom, 5 have to defend the side of the wall from scaling enemies, and another 5 will be using the air artillery to shoot down incoming vessels. Each would have an essential role The Bottom team is diffusing bombs that will allow the Hive to creep in. The Mid Team will be fighting fighting the drop ship waves that have openings. The Tops Team will be shooting vessels and dealing with drop ships, taking them down and fighting off a few waves. There is another role for +5 people (making it 20) to rotate and provide support. The waves will be so strong that there will be a need for 5 or so people, but it will still scale to the amount of people. But the last role is that players much reach an outer portion of the wall and decide for an aerial ground bombardment or a ward of some sort of defense system that will ward off the enemies. Now this is where it gets fun and complicated. If the team decides to zerg, there will be a repercussion, they won't be able to keep up with the amount of tasks to do and will slowly get more overwhelmed especially with bosses finding their way in... But then again all these enemies hate each other and a huge battle will ensue where they will all fight each other. Unfortunately the longer one spot (Bottom, Mid, Tops) remains unattended...lets just say the enemy starts drilling through the wall. And when that happens its over. I guess the hardest part would be "what if we lose?" well I guess the Vanguard will pull a plan B. Collapsing the wall and orbital bombarding the surrounding ground. Idk about the ending I don't get paid to think!! I don't get paid at all!

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