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NEW VIDEO! - Secrets of the Traveler: Savior or Necromancer?

Thanks to all of those who posted their great theories in this forum! I wanted to go over so many of them in depth, and hopefully will someday (especially when we revisit to see if anyone was right!). Don't forget to SHARE this, and other videos, with your friends. Let's pull as many in to the conversation as we can! Enjoy!

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    Hey Killworthy, the ISEEA guy from FB here. I'm starting to write the article we discussed, but I felt as though I might post this portion of it here - to add my voice to the Traveler discussion! The Chosen Ones There is undoubtedly something different about the overall feel of Destiny’s mythic science fiction setting. It is distinct from Halo’s heavily biblical and ‘hard-sci-fi’ feel, and feels much more ethereal - almost like it could have been interpreted from an ancient fairy tale. Throughout the lore of and aesthetic of Destiny, Bungie’s descriptions of events, characters and weapons dance off the page with an almost Tolkienian flavour. There is a weight and gravitas being channeled from the very same perennial, classic story elements as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings once did, with their own unique interpretations and retellings of them. At it’s core, [b]Destiny is the story of a lost child,[/b] Humanity, stranded and alone in the Galaxy, [b]and of the mysterious Mother-figure[/b], The Traveler, who came out of no where to tend to us - to save us. It must have heard our cry from on high, seen how astray our species was, fighting amongst ourselves - and yet, at heart, full of potential for light and good. It’s the story of humanity being found, held close and cared for by this benevolent presence, and in the process also finding and learning to care for itself. For a peacefully long-lasting Golden Age, we began realising our potential as a species. We started seeing in ourselves what The Traveler first saw when it chose to bless us with it’s unimaginable gifts. Sadly, It’s also the story of how this child come to discover, to our great tragedy and terrible loss, that our Mother figure was, like humanity, itself astray when it found us - fleeing from an ancient Enemy, who has pursued it for countless aeons - The Darkness. And so, much like the prototypical prologue sequence involving a Mother, suddenly realising an unstoppable aggressor has come for her and her Child, who dies defending us - and with her last words, tells us to be strong, to[b] be brave[/b], and that it’s up to us now, to do what she’s no longer able to. Those ‘last words’ are the Ghosts - sentient pieces of the Traveler created at the moment of it’s sacrifice, who, like the real last words of a beloved departed one, have come to us in our time of need to pick us up, bring us back from our fears, and finally become what the Traveler once believed to be our Destiny - The Light, shining across the Galaxy, ever-burning through The Darkness.

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