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8/29/2014 4:40:36 AM

Cosmic Joke - Symbolism

Hey Guys, I have been doing some research into the symbols/icons of Destiny and I think I may have discovered some weird connections that explain the Hunter cloak: [b]Cosmic Joke[/b]. [b]A. The Stars[/b] 1. Tycho Brahe was a 16th century nobleman and astronomer. 2. Tycho had a theory of a "geo-heliocentric" planetary system in which the Sun and Moon orbited the Earth, while Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn revolve around the Sun. If you don't count the Sun that is 6 planets + the Moon = 7. All of which have at least been mentioned by Bungie as visitable locations. 3. Tycho Brahe coined the term "nova" to refer to stars. 4. There are 7 Stars on the Cloak. Coincidence? [b]B. The 'Deer'[/b] 1. Tycho had an Elk. A pet Elk. Seriously. It got drunk at a dinner party, fell down the stairs and died. Look it up. 2. Tycho claimed Elks were faster than Deer. The 'Deer' is in mid-stride. It's an Elk, not a Deer. [b]C. It's All in the Name[/b] 1. "Cosmic Joke" is a phrase people say when life works out in a humorous or negative way, as in 'it's all just a cosmic joke'. This is akin to the idea of Karma - where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. We control our own Destiny (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). 2. If you google "Karma + Tycho Brahe" you get some weird results. It turns out there was this guy Rudolph Steiner who did a series of lectures on "Karmic Relationships" & "Individualities". Steiner had this whole theory that Tycho Brahe was a reincarnated "Individuality" that had gained intimate knowledge of the "Ancient Mysteries". Tycho had apparently had two lives previous and would/will be born again. I think this explains the description of the cloak very well: [i]"An infamous cloak, scavenged off the corpses of its owners numerous times on the frontier."[/i] [b]D. Misc. Tycho References[/b] 1. Tycho, the villain A.I. in Marathon Infinity. 2. In the Destiny Beta Lakshmi-2, Future War Cult Rep says: [i]I could tell you another. I could tell you about the siege of Tycho.[/i] I know it's thin and crazy, but if this is the kind of level that one piece of gear has in Destiny... imagine all the other insane lore connections in the full game. Sorry for the long read, but I thought you would find it at least entertaining at the very least. Calebmcc #JerkChat

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