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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.

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What are your top 5 games of all time?

With destiny less than two weeks away, i have been wondering if this game is gonna take a spot in my top 5. Im curious to see what your top 5 games are. This is not about story, multiplayer, content, or anything besides pure enjoyment in the game. Mine are fallout 3, gta 5, battlefield 3, modern warfare 2 :0, and star wars battlefront 2. These are the games i remember playing the most and having tons of fun with.

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  • Well, if we skip a few I think I can narrow it down to: 1080° Snowboarding (N64 Nintendo 1998) 1943: The Battle of Midway (Arcade Capcom 1987) 3D Death Chase (ZX Spectrum Mervyn Estcourt 1983) 720° (Arcade Atari 1986) The 7th Guest (PC Trilobyte 1993) Advance Wars (GBA Intelligent Systems 2001) Agony (Amiga Art & Magic 1992) Air Combat (Arcade Namco 1992) Ace of Aces (ZX Spectrum Artech Digital Entertainment 1986) Actraiser (SNES Quintet 1990) The Addams Family (MD Ocean 1992) Adventure (Atari 2600 Atari 1979) The Adventures of Willy Beamish (PC Dynamix 1991) Afrika (PS3 Rhino Studios 2008) Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (PC Funcom 2008) Age of Empires (PC Ensemble 1997) Aion: The Tower of Eternity (PC Aion Team Development 2008) Akai Katana Shin (Arcade Cave 2010) Aladdin (MD Virgin 1993) Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System Sega 1986) Alien 3 (Amiga Probe 1992) Alien 8 (ZX Spectrum Ultimate: Play The Game 1985) Alien Breed (Amiga Team 17 1991) Alien Hominid (GC The Behemoth 2003) Alien Soldier (MD Treasure 1995) Alien Syndrome (Arcade Sega 1987) Alien Trilogy (PS1 Probe 1996) Alien Zombie Death (PSP Pom Pom Games 2010) Aliens Vs. Predator (Arcade Capcom 1994) Alien Vs. Predator (Jaguar Rebellion 1994) Alone in the Dark (PC Infogrames 1992) Alter Ego (C64 Activision 1986) Alundra (PS1 Matrix Software 1997) Amped 3 (360 Indie Built 2005) Amplitude (PS2 Harmonix 2003) Anarchy Online (PC Funcom 2001) Angry Birds (iOS Rovio Entertainment 2009) Animal Crossing (GC Nintendo 2001) Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery (PC Related Designs 2006) Another Code: Two Memories (NDS Cing 2005) Another World (Amiga Dephine 1991) Ant Attack (ZX Spectrum Sandy White 1983) A.P.B. (Arcade Atari 1987) Ape Escape (PS1 Sony 1999) Arabian Fight (Arcade Sega 1992) Archon: The Light & The Dark (Atari 800 Free Fall Associates 1983) Arkanoid (Arcade Taito 1986) ARMA: Armed Assault (PC Bohemia Interactive Studio 2006) Armadillo Run (PC Peter Stock 2006) Army of Two: The 40th Day (360 EA 2010) Assassin (Amiga Team 17 1992) Assassins Creed (PC Ubisoft 2008) Astal (Saturn Sega 1995) Asteroids (Arcade Atari 1979) Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA Treasure 2003) Atic Atac (ZX Spectrum Ultimate Play The Game 1983) Atomic Robo-kid (Arcade UPL 1988) ATR: All Terrain Racing (Amiga Team 17 1995) Audiosurf (PC Dylan Fitterer 2008) Auditorium (Flash Cipher Prime 2008) Automania (ZX Spectrum Mikro-Gen 1984) Axelay (SNES Konami 1992) Baldurs Gate 2 (PC Bioware 2000) Balders Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2 Snowblind 2001) Ballblazer (Atari 800 Lucasfilm Games 1984) Banjo Tooie (N64 Rare 2000) Bank Panic (Arcade Sanritsu 1984) Barbarian (Amiga Melbourne House 1987) The Bards Tale (Apple II Interplay 1985) Bastion (360 Supergiant Games 2011) Battalion Wars (GC Kuju Entertainment 2005) Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings & The Lost Ocean (GC Monolith 2003) Batman: Arkham City (PC Rocksteady 2011) Battle Isle 2 (Amiga Blue Byte 1991) Battle Zone (Arcade Atari 1980) Battlefield 2 (PC DICE 2005) Battlemorph (Jaguar Attention To Detail 1995) Bayonetta (360 Platinum Games 2009) Beachspikers (Arcade SEGA 2001) Beatmania (Arcade Konami 1997) Beat Sneak Bandit (iPad Simogo 2012) Bejewled (PC Popcap 2001) Beneath A Steel Sky (PC Revolution 1994) Beyond Good & Evil (PS2 Ubisoft 2003) Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (GB Beam 1991) Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg (GC Sega 2003) BioForge (PC Origin 1995) Bionic Commando (Arcade Capcom 1997) Bioshock (PC Irrational Games 2007) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (SNES Angel 1996) Bit Trip Core (Wii Gaijin Games 2009) Black (PS2 Criterion 2006) Black & White (PC Lionhead 2001) Black Tiger (Arcade Capcom 1987) Blade Runner (PC Westwood Studios 1997) Blast Corps (N64 Rare 1997) Blasteroids (Arcade Atari 1987) BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Arcade Arc System Works 2008) Bloody Roar (Arcade Eighting / Raizing 1997) Blues Brothers (Amiga Titus Software 1991) Blur (PC Bizarre Creations 2010) Body Harvest (N64 DMA Design 1998) Bomberman (TG-16 Hudsonsoft 1990) Bonanza Bros. (Arcade Sega 1990) Bonk’s Adventure (TG16 Red Company 1989) Bonzai Barber (Wii Zoonami 2010) Boom Blox (Wii EA 2008) Boot Hill (Arcade Midway 1977) Borderlands 2 (PC Gearbox 2012) Boulder Dash (ZX Spectrum First Star Software 1984) Bounty Bob Strikes Back (Atari 800 Big Five Software 1984) A Boy & His Blob (Wii Wayforward Technologies 2009) Braid (360 Number None inc. 2008) Breakout (Arcade Atari 1976) Breath of Fire II (SNES Capcom 1994) Broken Sword (PC Revoluiton 1996) Bubble Bobble (Arcade Taito 1986) Buggy Boy (Arcade Tatsumi 1985) Burger Time (Arcade Data East 1982) Burning Rangers (Saturn Sega 1998) Bushido Blade (PS1 Light Weight 1997) Buzz: Quiz TV (PS3 Relentless Software 2008) Cadash (Arcade Taito 1989) Cadaver (Amiga Bitmap Brothers 1990) Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (Arcade Capcom 1993) California Games (C64 Epyx 1987) Call of Duty (PC Infinity Ward 2003) Canabalt (Flash Adam Saltsman 2009) Canis Canem Edit aka Bully (PS2 Rockstar 2006) Cannon Fodder (Amiga Sensible Software 1993) Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 (Arcade Capcom 2000) Captain Commando (Arcade Capcom 1991) Captain Forever (Flash Jarrad Woods 2009) Captive (Amiga Mindscape 1990) Carcassonne (360 Sierra Online 2007) Carmageddon (PC Stainless Games 1997) Carrier Command (Amiga Realtime Games 1988) Castle Crashers (360 The Behemoth 2008) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (360 Konami 2010) Castlevania: SOTN (PS1 Konami 1997) Catherine (PS3 Atlus Persona Team 2011) Cave Story (PC Studio Pixel 2004) Centipede (Arcade Atari 1981) Chaos: The Battle of Wizards (ZX Spectrum Julian Gallop 1985) The Chaos Engine (Amiga Bitmap Brothers 1993) Chase HQ (Arcade Taito 1988) Chequered Flag (ZX Spectrum Psion 1983) Chibi-Robo (GC Skip Ltd 2005) Child of Eden (360 Q Entertainment 2011) Chime (360 Zoe Mode 2010) Choplifter (Apple II Dan Gorlin 1982) The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (PC Starbreeze 2004) Chrono Cross (PS1 Square 1999) ChuChu Rocket (DC Sonic Team 1999) Chuckie Egg (BBC A&F 1983) City of Heroes (PC Cryptic Studios 2004) Civilization V (PC Firaxis 2010) Clock Tower 3 (PS2 Capcom 2002) The Club (360 Bizarre Creations 2008) Clubhouse Games (NDS Agenda 2005) Cogs (PC Lazy 8 Studios 2009) Colony Wars (PS1 Psygnosis 1997) Columns (MD Sega 1990) Combat (Atari 2600 Atari 1977) Comix Zone (MD Sega 1995) Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC EA 2007) Commando (Arcade Capcom 1985) Company of Heroes (PC Relic 2006) Computer Space (Arcade Nutting Associates 1971) Confidential Mission (Arcade Sega 2000) Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64 Rare 2001) Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES Konami 1992) Cookie (ZX Spectrum The Stamper Brothers 1983) Cool Boarders (PS1 UEP Systems 1996) Cool Cool Toon (DC SNK 2000) Corporation (Amiga Synthetic Dimensions 1990) Couldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back (ZX Spectrum Palace 1986) Crackdown 2 (360 Ruffian Games 2010) Crash Bandicoot: Warped (PS1 Naughty Dog 1998) Crayon Physics Deluxe (PC Petro Purho 2009) Crazy Cars 2 (Amiga Titus Software 1989) Crazy Taxi (DC Sega 1999) Crimson Skies (PC Zipper Interactive 2000) Critter Crunch (iOS Capybara Games 2008) Chrono Trigger (SNES Square 1995) Cruise for a Corpse (PC Delphine 1991) Crush (PSP Zoe Mode 2007) Cyber Troopers Virtual On (Arcade Sega 1995) Crysis (PC Crytec 2007) Crystal Castles (Arcade Atari 1983) Cybernator (SNES NCS Corp 1992) Cybernoid (ZX Spectrum Rafaele Cecco 1988) D/Generation (Amiga Mindscape 1991) Dance Central (360 Harmonix 2010) Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade Konami 1998) Dan Dare (ZX Spectrum Gang of Five 1986) Dark Age of Camelot (PC Mythic 2001) Darklands (PC Microprose 1992) The Darkness (360 Starbreeze 2007) Dark Savior (Saturn Climax 1996) Dark Souls (PS3 From Software 2011) Darkstalkers 3 (Arcade Capcom 1997) Darkwing Duck (NES Capcom 1992 Darwinia (PC Introversion 2005) Day Of The Tentacle (PC Lucasarts 1993) Daytona USA CCE (Saturn Sega 1996) DC Universe Online (PS3 SOE 2011) De Blob (Wii Blue Tongue Entertainment 2008) Dead or Alive 4 (360 Team Ninja 2005) Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Dead Rising (360 Capcom 2006) Dead Space (PC EA 2008) Dear Esther (PC The Chinese Room 2012) DeathSmiles (Arcade Cave 2007) Death Tank (Saturn Lobotomy Software 1996) Deep Fear (Saturn ISCO 1998) DEFCON (PC Introversion Software 2006) Defender (Arcade Williams 1980) Defender of the Crown (Atari ST Cinemaware 1987) Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC Hidden Path Entertainment 2008) Déjà vu (Mac iCOM simulations Inc. 1985) Deliverance: Stormlord II (Amiga Hewson 1992) Demigod (PC Gas Powered Games 2009) Descent (PC Parallax Software 1995) Desert Strike (MD EA 1992) Desktop Tower Defence (Flash Paul Preece 2007) Destruction Derby (PS1 Reflections 1995) Deus Ex (PC Ion Storm 2000) Devil Dice (PS1 Shift 1998) Devil May Cry (PS2 Capcom 2001) Diablo (PC Blizzard 1996) The Dig (PC Lucasarts 1995) Dig Dug (Arcade Namco 1982) Dino Crisis (PS1 Capcom 1999) Discworld (PC Teeny Weeny Games 1995) Disaster Report (PS2 Irem 2002) Dishonored (PC Arkane Studios 2012) Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (360 Ska Studios 2009) DJ Hero (360 FreeStyleGames 2009) Don Doko Don (Arcade Taito 1989) Donkey Kong (Arcade Nintendo 1981) Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES Rare 1995) Donkey Konga (GC Namco 2003) Doom II (PC ID 1994) Double Dragon (Arcade Technos 1987) Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training (NDS Nintendo 2005) Dr. Mario (NES Nintendo 1990) Dragon Age: Origins (PC Bioware 2009) Dragon Force (Saturn Sega 1996) Dragon Ninja (Arcade Irem 1988) Dragon’s Lair (Arcade Advanced Microcomputer Systems 1983) Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC Funcom 2006) Dreamweb (PC Creative Reality 1994) Drill Dozer (GBA Game Freak 2005) Driver (PS1 Reflections 1999) Drop 7 (iOS Area/Code Entertainment 2009) Dropzone (Atari 800 Arena Graphics 1984) Druid (Atari 800 Vortex 1986) Duke Nukem 3D (PC 3D Realms 1996) Dun Darach (ZX Spectrum Greg Follis & Roy Carter 1985) Dune 2 (PC Westwood 1993)

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