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The Flood Dating Manifesto

Flood, I get it, you suck at “asking girls out” and “dating”. Your self-confidence is lacking, you don’t know how to talk to girls, and you’re scared. I’m going to help you. This is not a joke nor is it a way to poke fun at the Betas that Troll this site like the ninja stealth masters that they are. This is real world advice that comes from someone that has [i]lived[/i] through what you deal with every day. I’ve been there and done that. I’m here to teach you what I’ve learned from real, actual, life experience. Trust me, I’m a doctor (not really). [b]Step One[/b] Grow some balls. Seriously, grow them right here, right now. Done? Good. Let’s move on… [b]Step Two[/b] Now that you have some cute little balls hanging between your scrawny little legs, put them to good use. Girls (and women) aren’t [i]necessarily[/i] attracted to “good looks” alone. However, this doesn’t mean you should be dressing like some homeless twelve year old. If you’re fat, lose some weight. If you’re skinny, gain some weight. Wear clothes that fit (i.e., are designed specifically for your body type – see [i]GQ[/i] for more details). Confidence is [i]key[/i] here. Period. No confidence? No girl. Ever. I mean it (well, unless you’re Okay with dating ugly chicks. Then, by all means, keep on hating yourself and doubting your true potential). Read this very carefully: I can tell you from experience, [b]you are capable of much more than you could ever dream of[/b]. I promise you. Start acting that way. However, don’t confuse “cocky” with “confidence”. There is a subtle difference there. [b]Step Three[/b] If you want to ask a girl out, tell her [i]exactly[/i] when/where you want to take her out. Tell her what you want to do with her, when you’ll pick her up/meet her, and what she should expect (should she wear a nice dress for dinner? What about sneakers for go-karting?). Leave ambiguity out of it! Women respect a man that has a plan. Women drool over a man who knows what he wants and a man who actually goes for what he wants. Trust me on this. It’s fool-proof. [b]Step Four[/b] Don’t tell a girl how you feel! I’m going to repeat this… [u]Don’t tell a girl how you feel![/u]. Why? Because you’ll be seen as desperate (i.e., you’re clamoring over her because you have no other options on the table. Women want a man who is wanted by other women. Don’t believe me? Look it up!). The [i]only[/i] time you should spill your guts to a woman is if [i]they do it first[/i]. This is an extremely important concept for you to grasp. Never underestimate the power of “does he like me?” warfare. It works. [b]Step Five[/b] Date more than one girl at a time (assuming you aren’t ready to get married). While doing this, [i]only[/i] date/talk to girls who you are physically attracted to. Do [b]not[/b] “settle” on someone you don’t want to bang every time you see them. You will regret it. [b]Wrap Up[/b] To wrap things up, and to state the obvious, the only way to get “better” with girls is to talk to them, date them, hang-around them… [i]a lot[/i]. It seems simple, but it’s extremely effective and can be a daunting task when you first start-out. Challenge yourself to talk to multiple women per week (make it a [i]new[/i] woman each time, no cheating!). After a while, it becomes second nature and you won’t feel “intimidated” by these ladies anymore. You’ll have new found confidence, which will, in turn, attract more women! See how that works? Trust me, Flood, women aren’t as intimidating as you give them credit for. They have self-doubts, they lack self-confidence, and they are thinking the exact same crap you are. Don’t let them fool you…

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