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TO ALL OF YOU WHO WANT TO BE MLG and to those of you that are MLG as a member of the community i don't want you on destiny go back to COD AND ITS OVERPLAYED CRAP we on destiny do not want and or care for your im better then youtopian attitude they do not have private matchs so you cant do your regular crap here ............GOODBYE MLG I think we are sick and tired of them complaining that all games need to be made for there needs don't get me wrong I enjoy pvp as much as the next person I just don't care for the mlg try hards calling my nephew a fag and a loser and telling him to kill him self he is 7 and just wanted to play games with me so yes I have a reason to hold distain for members of mlg

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  • OP has fallen for the common misconception amongst e-sports; differentiating between the "professionals" and the "amateurs". The Professionals are they guys you see on Twitch, Spike, or any other viewing source that broadcasts tournaments and other events. They are the people who (typically but not always) make their entire living, their way of life, by playing these competitive games. They have sponsors. They receive regular paychecks from playing games. They win huge chunks of money in tournaments. What you will almost never find actual Professionals doing, is going onto the public servers and destroying teams of randoms. 99% of the time, they train/play on private servers either in scrimmage matches against other real professionals, or against their other teammates. It's how they hone their skills, but without having to deal with the uncertainties of a group of randoms or wanna-be-professional-amateurs. Professionals also (typically but not always) conduct themselves in a very professional manner. They are usually courteous, well-spoken, and represent the game, tournament, and their sponsors with the respect that they deserve. Think of career American Football players or European/South American Futbol players. Aside from the very few that make the news by being criminals, 99% of those professional players are well-spoken, fan-friendly professionals who represent their clubs very well. These are the [u]real[/u] MLG Professionals. Then you have the Amateurs. The douche-bags who come here on the Forums. They talk the loudest shit about how they're the greatest (in the individual tense, they never seem to speak about their team... wonder why that is...). About how they're "OMG SO MLG", but have never won anything other than matches against randoms, or those idiotic "YOU SUCK DONKEY ASS!!! 1v1 me bitch!!!" lines. Sure, they might be a member of the official MLG website, they might have even gotten into some of the MLG hosted tournaments. But their skill isn't good enough to be in one of the big-money tournaments, their attitude/personality is so caustic that no team will touch them, or a mixture of both. Still, while the Amateurs skill level might actually be quite far above the Casual/General population of a game, they also don't have the access to private servers that the Professionals do. Why? Because those private servers cost money, and the Amateurs make none off of their excessive amounts of gaming. So, in an attempt to give these pretentious twats something close to what they want, most games get with MLG and make separate playlists/lobbies of those who want to play by MLG rules. This should create the ideal scenario, however the Amateur is also afflicted by boredom and a short attention span. So in order to alleviate their boredom; these ball-suckers go into the other playlists/lobbies where the Casual/General population plays, and they spew their vitriol about how good they are and how much everyone else sucks-ass, they ruin the game for the general gamer (who is usually there to just have some fun with his/her friends), and bitch about how they think you shoudln't even play if you aren't going to try to be "MLG YO!!!!" These cock-juggling thunder--blam!- Amateurs are the ones ruining the reputation of those actual Professionals who're trying to promote their emerging sport, and make a living at it at the same time. These vociferous Amateur dick-eaters are why the non-Gamer population who become aware of e-Sports often holds a very dim view of e-Sports as a whole. they see the rants and hear the in-game vitriol that these ass-hats spew into the public servers; they hear the abusive, arrogant, elitist mentality that they seem to have no other reason to live for, and what they hear/see colors their opinion of e-Sports in general in a very negative light. It's these Amateurs who need to be reigned in, and the actual Professionals should be promoted as the face of e-Sports. You know, the guys/gals who take their sport/game seriously, but also know how to act in a professional, respectful manner toward viewers, sponsors, and other Gamers. It's the Amateurs who need to get kicked in the taint, but they end up ruining the image of the Professionals they've never even met.

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