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BUNGIE Please Hear Me About RAIDS

Please please please do not dumb it down or nerf the mode just to cater to people that want the game their way. Stick to your gut decision and keep things the way you made it! Don't add match-making. I understand and respect your decision on why you chose not to include it for this mode. You will have a wave of people complaining and talking about how they don't like it and since the people that dislike something usually voice their opinions the most developers tend to listen to them thinking they represent the masses. Too many games have been ruined by complainers, entitleist, and unskilled gamers voicing their opinions the loudest. I'm gear to say great job Bungie, keep doing what your doing. For every one person that says they hate it there's 10 more that loves it. In the words of Charlie Sheen you guys are WINNING! [b]Update:[/b] After reading Bungies recent weekly update I'm confident they will stick to their guns. They are very generous with allowing your progress to be saved up to 7 days to complete a raid. I am glad to hear the new information and Bungie is continuing to do a great job. I love that only the character i complete a encounter with will be locked out from getting more loot. I planned on having multiple characters anyway. [b][u]Update #2[/u][/b] If you agree with this HIT the Star button to show your support. Almost like your signature of a petition to show your support.

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    This game has been developed to tell a story as Bungie likes to remind us on a constant basis. It's a game that is meant to be fun, entertaining and challenging but most of all I get the impression that the story is key to the developers. I'm not just talking about the story about the traveler and the darkness but the story we as users have for our characters. Your character is supposed to represent you, your personal flair, your choices, your dedication, YOUR SKILLS. The actions you take mold your guardian and there is a story to be told for every thing you do. Your weapons and armor tell tails about what you've done. And legends are told about those who attempt and/or complete raids. But raids can only be done by fire teams with the dedication and skills to get that far. Bungie never said this game was created for everyone to become the ultimate b.a.m.f., and I'm sure they apologize if they made anyone feel that way, but they have given everyone opportunity (even the slightest furthest possibility) of proving they are exactly that through blood sweat and tears. I am one of those who is unsure if I will ever have the team to even enter a raid. But I know that if I do and if I do well I will feel so accomplished that I did something that few will get to experience. That is an incredible thing to look forward to!

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