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Clans are only allowed 100 members total | Petition to raise it!

[i]-This is better suited in #Destiny than #Clans. #Clans is a recruiting environment, and this deals with effects of clans on gameplay-[/i] For those of you who don't know, clans are only allowed to contain 100 members and bigger clans are shun. We want 500 or preferably unlimited. This is the second petition we're starting. The first petition was [b]successful[/b], we raised the clanmate cap from the original 75, albeit it was only raised 25. It's now 100. Goes to show [b]we have a good chance to raise it [u]again[/u] with your support[/b]. Reasons why the clan limit should be above 100; click spoiler. [spoiler] Personally, I don't favour the limits imposed on us to maintain. I feel less and less of a clan founder and more as a member of my own clan. If I'm not allowed to manage my own clan in the hierarchy that I want, that's unacceptable. Many people approach me on this topic with reasonable misconceptions, to which they usually assume that once large clans arrive small clans will dissipate. This is never the case, and I hope people stop arguing that small clans will not exist. If you want to make a small clan you can, even if the number is unlimited or larger. My clan for example is stopping at 150 members, and we arranged this number before the limit was set. This is set in stone, we can be intimate in the same regard if we chose to. We have the freedom to do that, and if big clans exist you may still have your intimate ones. Clans have different purposes though, some are matchmaking, some are for PvE and some do tournaments. Each clans should be different and not be normalized, give more freedom to the owners so that we may. Firstly, I fully understand Bungie's argument to keep clan numbers low, it isn't an awful argument, they say they want members to know each other. Even with 100 members I find it difficult to know each one and be a close knit like they say. This is possible but I still see little difference when you compare it to big clans. In big clans you will find friends too, and make your small groups within that big group. This is very similar, I can be friends with 100 out of 500 in my clan and still be happy. So, with that, Bungie's only argument thus far, I see broken. Secondly, "I don't know why you would need 500 people all to play with at the same time" - I've gotten this response many times. Well to that I parallel, why would you desire to play with 100 at the same time? We both know it's impossible in Destiny. On my Xbox 360 friendlist, the maximum is 100. I have 100 friends right now, and usually 20 are online at peak, and 0-5 during sleeping hours. They're playing different games, but the way I see it with 100 you wouldn't have a huge selection of friends to play with. Would you rather have 100 or 10 people? Sometimes those 10 might not even want to do matchmaking, they might want a strike. Not everyone's needs can be met, although with more people this seems simpler. Additionally, private lobbies have been hinted to be evolving into Destiny. Will tournaments be easier to prepare for and have more participants with more or less members? To which I would assume, more. What about weekly training? What about clan battles? What about any mode in general? You guessed it. Thirdly, "Large clans would dominate PvP" - How is that possible, my good friends, when only 5 of your friends can be in matchmaking at the same time? I would rather think the members are the ones who dominate rather than the clan, as it should be. I might have a different opinion if, for example, there were a clan leader board. If there were a clan leader board then still I see no difference, personally. 500 members maximum vs 100 would still be scored the same, just more members to incorporate. As a last reminder... This isn't a battle of which is better, but different clans have different purposes. If I wanted to host tournaments, it would be more ideal for my clan to have a larger active player count. Also, be a little empathetic. I don't want to have to kick 50 members from my clan personally, and my alliance owner has 1,500 members. He will have to end up kicking 1,400 members or end up having to personally message 1,400 of them to leave main clan and join subclan #9, #13, #2. That's an extreme amount of work just to begin with, also personally I wouldn't enjoy being told to leave and join the secondary clan. [/spoiler] [b]Additional request[/b]: Split Xbox360/Xbox one clan numbers. Currently they are completely grouped, so 100 clan mates can be 50 on Xbox One and 50 on Xbox 360, or alternative 99 on Xbox One and 1 on Xbox 360. That's awful because that makes clans even smaller. Split it up! [i]I don't like polls, I won't make one. They are too biased, members will vote before reading most of the time. Also, Bungie made a poll in response to our first petition asking players what size clan they'd rather have. The 3 options were "Juggernaut Size!", "Intimacy, I want to know all of my clan mates", and "Idc". I couldn't help but wonder what the results would be like if the options instead were "Unlimited", "Limited to 100" and "Idc". The results would look something like the responses in the threads, where a majority is voting for unlimited or bigger counts.[/i]

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