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[u][i][b]This will be extremely long, so bring a pillow and blanket.[/b][/i][/u] [Probably important you look here, before or after reading all this: ] Now that I have your attention, this is going to be 100% a rant, solely of my opinion, aimed to all of you people out there who are constantly going on saying "Oh, Destiny has only one Raid", or "Oh, Destiny has only one location per planet" or "Oh, there's no Trading in Destiny" or "Oh, the Beta was horrible, this is not worth my money". For those who said "That's Me" to one of the four aforementioned quotes, My remedy for you is to shut the -blam!- up, and cancel your pre-order. Simple as that. This is not an attack on the entire forum, however. Now for those of you dedicated to stick around and hear out my rant, it will be split into different sections, based on the four aforementioned quotes. As more news comes in that I feel like I need to address, I will either post a reply, or edit the OP. Please note, I am just a simple 16 year old boy, who knows just about as much of the game as the next person. All I know is what has been drip fed to us to try and fill that empty hole in our hearts for when the game comes out. [b][i][u]NUMBER ONE: [/i]Raids[/u][/b] This one I have noticed more recently with others. So we have in the past couple weeks been introduced to the raid on Venus, known as 'The Vaults of Glass'. From what we know of Raids so far, it requires you and 5 other friends to join you and complete the raids, on either Normal difficulty or Hard difficulty (For the sake of it, we'll call Normal = Heroic, and Hard = Legendary). We've been told that Raids will take a substantial amount of time, but the rough estimate of time is unknown presently, but (from my own assumptions) I would estimate that it could be either take roughly the same amount of time and effort as the three hardest Vidmaster Challenges of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST (of which being Annual, Deja Vu and Endure) or longer/harder. Keep in mind, I'm talking about playing on [b][i][u]HEROIC[/u][/i][/b], which everyone (I assume) will most likely try out first before they jump into Legendary. That being said, Bungie have stated themselves that (and I'm paraphrasing a bit here) you will enter Raids with weapons not suited to beat them, but walk out with the weapons you would have needed; i.e. You're weaker then when you leave. The best weapons come from Raids, [b][i][u]SO WE CAN ASSUME[/u][/i][/b]. Let's put this into a bit of perspective. Say the Black Market dealer Xur, an Agent of the Nine, didn't sell the Exotic weapons, and there was no other way of earning them, OTHER than completing Raids. You, essentially, would be entering with Legendary weapons and armour, and leaving with Exotic Loot. Now, when you look at it like that, I've seen some Legendary Beta gear reaching Damages of around 300 (Which was most likely a Placeholder, but I'm not too sure), and the highest weapons we could attain would only do 65 Damage from memory. You would be leaving with the best gear in the [u][i][b]ENTIRE GAME[/b][/i][/u], all for completing a Raid. Now, completing a Raid, that brings us into a different point entirely. We know that Raids [u][i][b]WILL NOT[/b][/i][/u] house multiplayer, and you will require to play with yourself, and 5 more friends. Why do we need that many close people to do one mission in the game? Because it's [u][i][b]MOTHER -blam!-ING HARD[/b][/i][/u] and you're going to want people you can [u][i][b]TRUST, RELY ON, AND WHO AREN'T COMPLETE AND TOTAL NOOBS.[/b][/i][/u] For -blam!- sakes, they've implemented a [u][i][b]CHECKPOINT SYSTEM[/b][/i][/u] into the raids! There is no other gametype in [u][i][b]ALL OF DESTINY[/b][/i][/u] that houses a checkpoint system (Dying and respawning in other games is completely different, and (although similar) dying and respawning in a Darkness Zone is NOT THE SAME). These checkpoints do not last for 24 hours, meaning that they have a set cap before they disappear, meaning you have to be dedicated as -blam!- to complete it. Remember doing Deja Vu, Annual or Endure back in the day? Remember how god damn hard they were? How much time and effort were put into getting those achievements? Hell, I haven't even unlocked Endure yet, and I can tell you, just trying to is [i][u][b]MOTHER-blam!-ING HARD.[/b][/i][/u] Not let's think about this. There is only one Raid [u][i][b]AT LAUNCH[/b][/i][/u], which means at 12am on September 9th, no matter where you live in the world, on the day of release, there will only be one raid. So, what do we know about this raid? Literally, everything I have said above is just about all we know. We have seen [u][i][b]ABSOLUTELY NO FOOTAGE [/b][/i][/u] about it, Other than the Guardians walking through the vault door. You know what that means? [u][i][b]WE ESSENTIALLY KNOW NOTHING!!!![/b][/i][/u] Bungie has been known for giving out free things, such as DLC. Anyone remember the free Cold Storage map? I do. And I enjoyed that map. Bungie has already announced that there are [u][i][b]2 EXPANSIONS ON THE WAY[/b][/i][/u], one of which comes out in December, The Dark Below. Do we know what's in the Expansions? New content. New weapons. New locations. [u][i][b]SO WE'VE HEARD.[/b][/i][/u] No content has been 100% Confirmed, and Bungie never stated that there will only be 2 expansions. Halo Reach had 3 in total, Halo 3 had 4 (Not including Cold Storage). Destiny 1 has to survive until the next Destiny game is released in 2016, or when we're treated to the highly unknown Comet game (the tie in to Destiny that releases within 12 months of every subsequent Destiny release). So you know what? I'm fine with there only being one raid on Day one. Hell, I probably won't be strong enough to tackle it until The Dark Below is released, because I probably won't get strong enough, so I'll be happy if there is another raid with the first expansion. "But I don't want to fork out more money for the DLC or the Season Pass" I hear you say? Then don't fork it out. Be happy with what you have, and stop being the whiny bitch who always wants more. "-blam!- that, Destiny only has one Raid? What a load of shit" I hear you say? I have one this to say to you. Cancel your pre-order, Shut the -blam!- up, and get out of here, you ungrateful little -blam!-ing prick. I trust Bungie. I've been a member on for 4 years, I've played all the Halo Games, I've played the Marathon games, I played Crimson Pirates. And you know what? All of those games were master pieces, to the point where I even, to this day, go back and play them all, even to the point where I'm playing Marathon, a game released 20 years ago. I wasn't even born in that time, and I still love it. If Bungie believes that one raid is all they need, then one raid is all they need. I trust Bungie with the game that they're making. I have, and I always will. So if you're still complaining about there being one raid, shut the -blam!- up. You haven't even experienced it yet to have [u][i][b]ANY REASONABLE OPINION[/b][/i][/u] on the subject. So shut up, cancel you pre-order, and go away. Or, if you're dedicated enough, wait till September 9th, then form an educated opinion about it. End of discussion. [b][i][u]NUMBER TWO: [/i]Locations[/u][/b] So I, along with around 7 million other players spanning the four consoles, played the Destiny Beta. By the end, I clocked in around 10 hours and 50 minutes. And even at the end of the beta, I was discovering new locations. Unfortunately, I never went to the moon, and I'm really kicking myself for not waking up early enough, because I wanted to experience it. So you are reading this because I've heard people around the forums complaining about how there is only one location per planet. [u][i][b]WHOOPDY--blam!-ING-DO[/b][/i][/u] Did you know that there are around 6+ planets to choose from, and explore? I bet you didn't. Now that may seem like a small number, but did you remember how big Old Russia was in the Beta? It didn't feel all that massive, did it, because there were locked doors leading to new locations, and those big, bad, really hard to beat level [??] enemies to beat? I know, they were -blam!-ing har-[u][i][b]OH WAIT. THOSE WERE THERE TO STOP ME SEEING THE ENTIRETY OF OLD RUSSIA.[/b][/i][/u] And you know why they did that? [u][i][b]BECAUSE IT WAS A BETA[/u][/i][/b], a slice of the full game. I loved the beta so much that it left a hole in my heart after it closed, a hunger needed to be filled by, and only by, playing the game itself. The story, oh the story. Bungie are masters when it comes to story telling, we've seen it time and time again in the Halo Franchise, They are one of the best story tellers that I know of, and they've been awarded for it time and time again. There only being a single location means that the stories are interlocked, and that they are all in the same locations, all relating to each other. Remember when we were first revived and we had to go find a ship? Remember having to go back there to find the Warpdrive? Remember syncing to the vehicle grid for the first time and spawning our sparrows? Remember going into the Satellite array up the hill and fighting the Hive? Discovering that the Warmind Rasputin was still alive, and sending a signal to the Moon? How would we be able to get all that into two or more locations? People would be getting sick of flying all around the Earth, having to remember the route of what essentially could be dozens of maps. [To continue, click here: ]

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