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They gave the hand cannons an extra bullet! Other changes also...

So if you have the Destiny companion app on your phone you can still view your beta character, including their weapons and skill trees. If you look at your Hand Cannons, you'll see that they all have one extra round in their magazine (cylinder, but who cares on these forums anyway? Might as well call it a [i]clip[/i], lol)). The Duke, Bandit, Searcher, and Mos Ganon all have 7 rounds now. I also had a rare Hand Cannon called the Renegade, and it had 8 rounds. Sick! I was unable to tell, however, whether they have buffed the Hand Cannons in any other way. Also, they made some tweaks to some of the subclasses, most noticeably the Voidwalker. The got rid of Bent Gravity, and added an ability called Annihilate, which buffs the explosive radius of vortex grenades and Nova bombs. Also, they made in so the melee ability Surge only requires a hit rather than a kill, and boosts not just movement speed but weapon speed as well! They also modified the Sunsinger's melee ability so that Flame Shield only requires a hit rather than a kill to activate. Lastly, they got rid of the option to "lock-in" your subclass builds. Or at least it looks that way; the lock-in ability/option is no longer present in the skill-tree on the companion app. I still think the Hand Cannons could use slightly more than a single round increase to capacity to make them competitive. They are revolvers, so it's not like you can drastically change the capacity or reload speed/animation, and we probably won't be seeing scopes on them like the scout rifles have. I think they should do something to make it stand out as a close-quarters weapon, so it doesn't HAVE to compete with the scout rifles, it could have it's own niche. Nothing crazy, perhaps one of the following: slightly higher rate of fire; slightly higher base damage; slightly tighter hip-fire. Any of these buffs would help the weapon shine in CQB. What do you guys think? I like that they are refining the classes and working towards balancing the weapons a little better. I do hope, however, that they are always transparent about changes they make. Some games like Battlefield, if they change the stats on a gun you would never know without checking Symthic or some shit, you know? Edit: (That Halo Dude) - The Defender subclass saw a change to their melee ability Gift of Light, so that now all MELEE kills WILL generate orbs of light while Disintegrate is active, rather than all KILLS having a CHANCE to generate them. I see this as a good thing. Chain Gift of Light with Gift of the Void and Iron Harvest and you will generate orbs of light like crazy! Edit: (Swarbie) - The Bladedancer had their Quickdraw skill improved so that that weapons ready immediately, where before they readied immediately after knife attacks only. Cool! Edit: (BlackLegZubair) - Confirmed that Annihilate affects ALL grenades, not just vortex grenades. Sweet! Let's hope they give Gunslinger a facelift next. Deadeye, Circle of Life, and Over the Horizon are all worthless abilities in my opinion, and I would never consider using them personally.

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