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8/23/2014 6:48:07 PM

Let's all face facts so that we can strengthen our community

1. Exclusivity sucks balls 2. PS4 is slightly better than Xbox one, but barely 3. Sony is slightly better than Microsoft, but has the exact same goal: make profit 4. Xbox live is slightly better than PSN, but barely 5. The exploration areas in Destiny aren't as big as we all hoped, but Bungie still says that this is the biggest game they've ever made, and 500 people have been working on it daily, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions till we experience the real deal for ourselves. 6. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn't mean you should disrespect them. Start a discussion with condescension, and its no longer a discussion. In an argument, both you and the other guy think you're right, and so you should judge the other person with that in mind. If they're being calm and respectful and you're being rude and malicious, then it doesn't matter if you're right or not, you still look like a dick. 7. Trolls are a part of life, learn to recognise them. 8. That person you just tore to shreds on the forum could genuinely be a well-meaning 11 year old. I'm not saying you should censor your opinion, but just remind yourself every now and then that there actually are vulnerable little kids on these forums. 9. People are entitled to their opinion about Destiny. Somebody has had an experience, and you can't change that experience. If someone 'just doesn't like it', then you could write a whole series of books about why you disagree, and it wouldn't change a thing about the experience they had. You can disagree with their reasoning, but you can't change their experience. 10. Nobody's perfect (least of all me), but if we treat people harshly then they'll never change. Studies have shown that an attack on our beliefs, triggers the same response in the brain as a physical attack. We get defensive, even if we are proven wrong, and especially if we've been treated with vitriol or condescension. Give people a chance to admit their wrongs, and don't be so hasty to use insults and inflammatory language. This is what drives people apart in a place that's meant to bring people together. Be brave, be the change.

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    I'm sorry, but the PS4 is significantly better than the xbone, which probably has something to do with the fact it's outselling the xbone by more than 2:1 [b]Here is a list of why the PS4 is the best next gen choice for Destiny[/b]: 1. PS4 is more powerful (1.8 vs 1.3 Teraflops) ( 2. PS4 has faster GDDR5 Memory, which has twice the throughput of the ddr3 found in the xbone ( 3. PS4 cheaper to buy (Why would someone pay more for a less powerful system?) 4. PS4 has more games than any other next gen system ( 5. PS+ is better value (6 free games a month, across 3 platforms. It’s also cheaper than Live and has a better selection of games) 6. PS4 is 3 times more popular than the xbone ( 7. Has a player base that is 3 times bigger, as a result 8. All cross platform games look and perform better on the PS4 (name a single cross platform game that looks/performs better on xbone, bet you can’t) Here is the proof: 9. PS4 is focused on games. Doesn’t have focus on TV and Sports like the xbone does ( 10. The xbone Dashboard is filled with advertisements 11. The xbone Dashboard in general is a complete mess that is hard to navigate ( 12. PS4 didn’t make you buy a kinnect and then remove support for it 6 months later, effectivity screwing over early adopters 13. All Microsoft cares about is feeding you more ads 14. DixectX12 will not save the xbone or help game run at 1080p 15. PlayStation platforms have exclusive content in Destiny 16. PS4 is the lead platform for Destiny 17. PS4 has the largest player base in Destiny of any of the 4 platforms, has more pre-orders than any other platform 18. Was able to render the Alpha and Beta in full HD 1080p, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when the game is fully released 19. Has controllers which don’t require AA batteries or firmware updates 20. PS4 doesn’t have a giant external power brick and the console itself is much smaller

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