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Dregs are OP need NERF

Whenever I played Destiny's missions or explore mode I would usually fight most groups of enemies. However I noticed how impossible and unbalanced PvE was. Whenever I would get into an extended firefight with a group of captains or vandals, my shields would often take too much fire and drain. But you know what would kill me? Dregs. They would either shoot me in the back or run up and stab me with their butter knives and kill me. Or they would throw their grenades. I mean c'mon, what was bungie thinking adding an enemy that accompanied higher ranking opponents in groups of three or more that would kill you when your shields are down. Bungie needs to nerf the dregs, or I will pre order a game and cancel it, and then come back here and say how I canceled my pre order. DREGS ARE OP PLEASE NERF EDIT: A lot of people think I am trolling for some reason. I am not. Most Destiny players seemed to have forgotten how powerful the dregs are. It baffles me how everyone seems to have forgotten. Dregs are the only thing that needs to be merged in the future release. They need a major damage reduction to prevent them from murdering players within seconds. To those who agree with me, I am glad that you support me in attempting to get attention to this subject. EDIT: Just for clarification, only the dregs need a damage reduction, which is insanely dumb. Not even the minigun thing on the bottom of the Devil Walker would do as much damage as a Dreg can do. It is insane when I can easily kill a Captain and his Vandals within seconds, but a Dreg will destroy me instantly. Sepiks Prime did less damage even when you were standing right under him. This is why dregs need to be nerfed. EDIT: For all you people saying I need to get better, I am already good enough. Some said I should play halo and borderlands. If you check my bungie profile you will see I have done all the halos on legendary difficulty. I have played both borderlands' too. I have also done about everything there is to do in the beta. I am coming from experience here when I say the dregs are overpowered. [u][b]EDIT: I AM GOING TO TYPE THIS IN ALL CAPS AND BOLD WITH UNDERLINES SO YOU MOUTH BREATHERS UNDERSTAND. DREGS DO TOO MUCH DAMAGE. IT IS NOT THAT THEY HAVE TOO MUCH HEALTH. I HAVE STATED THIS MANY TIMES.[/b][/u] EDIT: I see bungie has not announced any updates to this game breaking mechanic. EDIT: I canceled my preorder.

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