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8/22/2014 2:25:53 AM

How much would you pay for dlc Split Screen?

Don't think there should be Split Screen.


$0, Should be free.










More than $60


Others on this post:, have suggested Bungie add a option to pre-order Split Screen so that they can know upfront that there is demand and that they have an economic incentive to commission work on it. So what do you think, how much would you pay for Split Screen?

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  • I've seen so many posts of people claiming is shouldn't be there, but how is it affecting you if it is there? Did you get dominated by four young girls on Halo or something and your pride has made you hate it ever since? You can still play alone on your own Xbox anytime you want. People who do want to play with friends or family at home are not putting down 500 for a new system, 60 for a game they already have, and possibly the expense of another TV just so they can play with their spouse or a friend. Last week my friends and I had a party where we got together to play and have fun. One of the main games we had fun playing was Halo. At the same time each one of us has our own Xbox and our own set of games. We don't get together with 16 TVs and 16 consoles just to hang together and play, No we use 4 TVs and 4 consoles and we have a party and have fun for a day. We were all pretty excited for this game to come out so that we could have fun with it well until we found out that we couldn't play split screen. We all have our individual reasons of course. My wife is a big Halo fan as well. We played a lot with Halo. We didn't but two Xbox 360s so that we could be on our own screens. We played split screen and enjoyed our time. We thought Destiny was going to be an epic game. But I'm not buying a brand new game that doesn't have what I want on it. This was a deal breaker for us. My friends say the same thing too. People shouldn't have to spend money on having split screen. It's greedy. We all don't want it anymore. So I guess that just means you don't get the money for the game itself from us. I certainly will not be buying it. It's not worth it. Your loss Bungie.

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