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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Quit ratio and K/Dr Explained >SOLUTIONS to ragequitting<

Bungie please add quit ratio so that we may verbally smite the statpadders, ragequitters, and egotistical buttfaces before us. [b][Edit][/b] Pic should be the waiting screen for them to get out of time-out penalty. And here's something I came up with for people who want [u]a better understanding of their stats[/u]. Based on quit ratio. Do not question my ratios I have done extensive research!!1!11one. Apply where necessary. [u]~10% or less - [b]In the safe zone[/b][/u] You may have dcd before. You may have quit a handful of games for one reason or another You may have internet problems [u] ~12-16% - [b]Potential ragequitter[/b][/u] You have a tendency to ragequit Your K/Dr is misleading You've run out of excuses for having connection problems PTFO [u]~17% and higher - [b]K/D junkie/leech[/b][/u] You're a stat-padding ragequitter You leech off and take advantage of those who choose to play the objective in team games. Your K/Dr is invalid [spoiler]MY OPINION[/spoiler] [Edit] [b]Ok, these are suggestions I and [u]OTHER PEOPLE[/u] have made for solutions to this problem. They are categorized by Penalty, Discouraging quits, Reward, and Other, in no particular order:[/b] [u][b]Penalty[/b][/u] 1. Many like the idea of having lengthened time-out penalty that Reach had (see pic for wait screen reference) 2. K/Dr and/or W/L is affected negatively after a quit. 3. beta 3 suggests [quote]I think a good way to get rid of those kd wankers would be to make it so that every time they leave a game, their stats for it are automatically 0 kills, 10 deaths. It would make sure that no matter how badly they're doing in game, it will usually be worse if they leave.[/quote]and [quote]What about docking marks/reputation with the factions you're representing? It makes sense in the destiny universe and doesn't really harshly punish players who do it infrequently, but it will stack up if players do it a lot.[/quote]4. Mandalore Ix suggests: [quote]How about a Scarlett Letter on the armor of the rage quitters or a banner with "Unworthy Guardian" titled. Maybe their ghost and sparrow look retarded and the sparrow's boost sputters. [/quote]5. Oh Maybe suggests: [quote]Players who quit 20% and over should get a negative modifier on xp gains for a period of time across their account. Players who have under 5% should be rewarded with an xp gain.[/quote] [u][b]Discourage quitters[/b][/u] 1. Group the quitters with the quitters so they leave everyone else alone (semi hard mode to implement) 2. Get rid of K/Dr or don't emphasize it 3. Have a separate game mode that doesn't emphasize K/D 4. starshark suggests: [quote]make a system that matches clans and parties so we dont get stuck with an unfair advantage.[/quote]5. Quit percentage should affect overall W/L 6. Quits from matches should affect overall K/Dr [u][b]Reward system[/b][/u] 1. Reward those who stay and play 2. CheckForAPulse suggests: [quote]Rewarding people who stay consecutive rounds could possibly work too, similar to daily login bonuses in games such as warframe. For example 5 consecutive full rounds get a small glimmer reward, stay 10 get an engram or something along those lines.[/quote]3. Muhpy adds: [quote]The margin would slowly increase over time and would encourage good behavior while leaving those that rage quit out of the practically free glimmer(reward).[/quote] [u][b]Other solutions[/b][/u] 1. Option to avoid quitters and other unsavorables (Halo 3esque style) 2. fifthderelicte suggests: [quote]it would be nice to have a multiplier for each teammate lost.[/quote]3. Muhpy suggests: [quote]Lighter punishment for quitters and rewards those that stay as well as quitters that switch their behavior. Kind of like training and rewarding a dog with treats. [/quote] [edit] If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them. Trollposts need not apply, unless they are lulworthy. Great ideas everyone, well done. To be continued.

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