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Raid this Saturday anyone?

[i]Looking for a few people to fill out the 6/6, already have 3 including myself. Must have a mic, be at least 16 and have stats similar or higher to mine. Starting around 4pm, who's in?[/i] [b]This is an example as to how to pull together a team for a raid on short notice.[/b] Edit: The truth of the matter is that Bungie is not going to integrate matchmaking with Raids. We need to make the best of a bad situation and use the tools we have at our disposal to make it as painless as possible. [b]Use the forums to your advantage. [/b] [spoiler]This is for all the people who are perplexed as to how to raid without matchmaking.[/spoiler]

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    Ok, now, those people you obtain from the forum... Are they any different than the people that a MM service would throw at you. NO. THEY ARE STILL RANDOMS! Now.. let's look at how easy it is to do the same thing you just did... The proper way. I' don't have to log into a forum I don't have to make a thread I don't have to spam invites I don't have to add people to my friends list who will soon be deleted shortly after the event. I just hit a button and wait for the MM service to throw randoms at me. Same outcome Less hassle. And everything is done in the game, instead of using a 3rd party solution outside of the game. Logic, it works. Quit defending Bungies Laziness. I can't wait to see what the player retention is going to be on this game. Cause I already know it's going to be shit. It's probably going to surpass Titanfall as far as how quickly people dump it because of the developers stupidity and stance on what variety means. Bungie... Your job is not... to control the type of people I choose to play with. Yet, that is exactly what you have been doing since Halo 2. Let's take your idiot logic to the real world. Uh... we can't have cars, cause some people might crash Uh... lets ban alcohol, because people might become shit-faced drunk Uh... We can't have electricity, because someone might let there kids stick their fingers in the socket and electrocute themselvs. Uh.. We can't have public custom games... because players might get trolled with stupid gamesettings. Uh.. We can't have MM for Raids, because people might get trolled, or have a bad experience, or .... whatever Uh.. We can't have Proximity Chat, because someone might yell obscenities in their mic. Uh.. We can't have private matches, because....... WHO THE -blam!- KNOWS WHY? And yet, in the real world, people lives are at stake. and these things still exist. Because it's stupid, to deny others based on the actions of a few. This is a game.... And your denying people options, based on the assumption that someone "Might" have a bad experience because of it. An Experience that passes very quickly I might add. Because, even if you do ... join up with someone who quits on you.... WHO THE -blam!- CARES! You act like it's going to happen 100% of the time. Do you get in a car wreck every time you get behind the wheel? Well guess what? Every second of the day. there are probably over 100 car crashes, happening each and every second. And yet, cars still exist and are available to us. But your too -blam!-ing tied up in worrying about a few people getting trolled on an internet game. Bungie.... you know what you resemble? You figure it out.

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