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I Put Dragons in Destiny.

Do not believe what Bungie tells you. Those Dragons on Venus, were not the result of some creative mind. They are the result of an EXTREMELY oppressive and forceful campaign for Dragon's to be included in Destiny the game, by none other than yours truly. Don't believe me? Let's take a walk down memory lane then, shall we? I've composed a small timeline for you that gives evidence to my dedicated and relentless struggle that was made in order to ensure that Destiny was developed properly. I knew, that without Dragons... Bungie's next great title, was destined to fail. But how could I force my will upon others? How can I, a person so far away, influence such a large entity? Well, after many sleepless nights I was able to devise the tools that I required for such a task. With a few forms of manipulation via subliminal messages and imagery, as well as mind control satellites, I was finally able to start on my mission. [B]November 30th 2011:[/b] [u][i][url=]"The Forums Need More Dragon"[/url][/i][/u] This was my first step of many. This is where I planted the seed for the future. Making a friendly suggestion for how one might improve the forums. I simply advised that using Dragons would be a strategically sound alteration in order to make's online experience even greater than it was. [b]January 24th 2012:[/b] [i][u][url=]"Bungie, Announce Your New IP NOW!"[/url][/u][/i] This thread was created and used a fear tactic. Within a list of criteria I laid out for them and how they should operate their company, I made mention that Dragons could potentially be used as a form of Security. This reminded Bungie that a Dragon is something to be revered and respected, and is a creature that only a great warrior could defeat... Or a even a powerful Guardian. Yes, the gears began turning. [b]August 22nd 2012:[/b] [u][i][url=]"How to be Cool at"[/url][/i][/u] This thread was designed for the consumer. Here, I was able to influence my comrades, my fellow Community Members. With peer pressure being all the rage these days, I thought "What better way was there to convince these individuals that Dragon's were cool, other than to simply tell them that part of being "cool" was to like Dragons! Talk about Dragons, share Dragons, debate Dragons, do everything with Dragons in mind. Failure to follow these simple guidelines would then result in those Members being seen as UNCOOL! BOO! Those individuals were then shunned by the Community as a whole and sent into exile. [b]December 1st 2012:[/b] [u][i][url=]"I Knew Destiny Details Before All of You"[/url][/i][/u] Here, I began to show my awareness to Bungie's development. It was obvious that my tactics were working, and that their own subliminal development was beginning to shine through. Before The Fallen were referred to as their current name, they operated under the code name "SNOW GUARD" or "SNOGARD" Which backwards, reads DRAGON. Piece by piece, my influence took hold. [b]SEPTEMBER 9th 2012 - AKA: THE GAME CHANGER[/b] [u][i][url=]"I Will Refuse to Play Destiny"[/url][/i][/u] [b]THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DATES.[/b] Did you see it? [u]September 9th, 2012[/u]. This is a day that shook Bungie to their very core. If I, one of the most intelligent community members, would be unwilling to play Destiny without the inclusion of Dragon's, then it was quite possible... No, it was certain that everyone would follow my lead. No one, would ever lay a hand on their creation. So, with fear-stricken hearts, this became the day that they will always remember, as the day that they were saved from making an earth-shattering and colossal mistake. So in commemoration and out of utter respect, they decided right then and there, that Destiny would be released, on September 9th, 2014. [b]September 23rd 2012:[/b] [i][u][url=]"I would like to ask you all.."[/url][/u][/i] This thread was merely a test. I composed a set of 7 generic questions. Each question began with a specific letter. They were: D, R, A, G, O, N, S. I simply wished to know whether or not the general public could see through my manipulation tactics. I wondered if they knew what I was trying to do for them... And it appeared they all remained clueless. Perfect. My plan was developing without issue. [b]January 10th 2013:[/b] [i][u][url=]"Dragons" (In Relation to Hashtags)[/url][/u][/i] Time, and my efforts, were beginning to evolve both Bungie, and our Community. With the implementation of and a hashtag system, it appeared that the overall acceptance and popularity of Dragons was beginning to rise. People from all over the world, were now typing #Dragons into their threads. [b]February 16th 2013:[/b] [i][u][url=]"Sweet New Feature!" (A feature short-lived)[/url][/u][/i] On this day, through my routine surfing of, an image of a Dragon appeared on my computer screen. I could only speculate that the mind-control satellites had an extreme effect on one unfortunate employee, which resulted in driving him mad. It must have been clear by his ranting and raving, that this employee was no longer able to perform even the simplest tasks, nor could he remain focused. The Bungie management team aimed to terminate this employee, but before they were able to the employee plastered an image similar to the ones in his visions, onto our screens. Bungie was quick to remove this slip-up. Yet this decision was not because of their distaste for the imagery, but because they had bigger plans in store for Dragons of their own... [b]July 31st 2013: [/b] [u][i][url=]"Do YOU Know About Dragons?"[/url][/i][/u] Dragons were slowly beginning to fade into the background of the Community, but this was entirely intentional. Dragons were not meant to be overpowering and all encompassing within the site itself. If I wanted to be successful, it had to seem as though the word "Dragon" was merely a whisper in the back of people's minds. This thread was only another test as well as an observation tool to see who continued to hold the essence of Dragons in their heart. It was apparent that those who were wise enough, never let the thought slip their mind. [b]December 22nd 2013:[/b] [u][i][url=]"'Twas the Night Before Christmas!" (A very Dragon Christmas)[/url][/i][/u] We know how opposed people can be to change. We know how often it is rejected. So, in order to learn how truly accepted Dragons would be, I continued to gauge where the Community's overall acceptance level was at. I decided to take one of the most beloved and classic Christmas poems of all time, and then I tore it to shreds. I then reconstructed it for maximum superiority, by including Dragons. The poem was well received. The community was ready. [b]June 29th 2014:[/b] [i][u][url=]"The Prophecy is True!" - AKA ANOTHER MASSIVE REVELATION![/url][/u][/i] Bungie had been quiet for some time. While I continued to work tirelessly in the background, pushing my will forward, they managed to keep a low profile. It was the calm before the storm. An inevitable announcement was only just around the corner, and I could feel it in my bones. Then, that announcement came. Bungie finally decided to release their achievement list. Within that list, the most important achievement was found. "Dragon Slayer". It was clear. My mission was a success. [b]END TIMELINE.[/b] The end of that timeline, was only the beginning of more. Since the first tangible proof of my efforts, Bungie has continued to show it's appreciation and enthusiasm for anything Dragon related. From naming a weapon, the "Cryptic Dragon" to several sightings of Dragons on the planet Venus during the Beta. It is quite obvious that the fruits of my labor, have finally paid off. Today, was a monumental victory. Bungie released official footage from their Official Launch Trailer that showcased a majestic Dragon in flight. And that, is how I put Dragons in Destiny. P.S When will the title "Dragon Master" be available to certain users?

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