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For those interested in RAIDING click here :) ***US Time zones only***

I am very interested personally in raiding. after haveing a back ground of World of Warcraft raiding and knowing the amount of fun i had with it there makes me VERY excited to raid in destiny. I am looking for ANYBODY interested in raiding. Keep in mind raiding is not for everybody. Some criteria you need to meet. Ill also add my own information here as well :) PSN = Eldest- system = PS4 Availability = Im not sure yet. im going to have to see what my schedule turns out to be once i go back to school. But i do get out of school at 1:50 everyday. Time zone = Im on the east coast. So times like 6:30pm+ would be fine for me. I understand we might get some people who are on the west coast or central so we might need to adjust our raid time to meet all 6 people. 1) You need to be a MATURE gamer. No one likes playing with kids who will whine and complain the entire time. 2) You need to be prepared for sitting down for several hours at a time to do the raid. Keep in mind it will not be easy and will most likely take SEVERAL attempts to complete it. 3) You need to be able to HAVE FUN! I know it sounds silly but people who take games to seriously will not be tolerated. Real life ALWAYS comes first, no matter what. Remember, its just a game. 4) After we have enough people to form a raid group, we will talk about what day/time is best to raid. But once that day/time has been determined you need to be COMMITTED to that day/time (remember real life comes first all i ask is a heads up if you will not be able to make the raid time. phone numbers can be exchanged if need be to accomplish good communication) 5) There is no guarantee (at least for me) that you will raid with the group if your class/role does not fit. Also minimum level requirement will have to be met to raid as well. 6) There will most likely be criteria to meet (like gear, weapon, abilities, skill) before you are ready to raid. because this is the first type of thing ever done for a FPS shooter game....we have no idea what those criteria are, so as of now ignore this one, but remember once we have more information on what will be needed to raid, a minimum requirement will be set before you are allowed to raid. 7) YOU NEED TO HAVE A MIC NO EXCEPTIONS. Use the one you got with your ps4 of buy some turtle beaches :) whatever floats your boat. But communication is so crucial that without it we will have no hope of successfully raiding. That's all i can think of and i wanted to just create a simple guide line that i thought anyone wanting to raid should follow/adhere to or at least consider before they attempt to join a raid group. If you think that you meet all that is said above, awesome :) PM me and tell me your Class, subclass, time zone, and PSN name. ***I will ONLY play on PS4*** So if you would like to raid with me then you have to be on PS4. But i encourage you to start your own raid group on this thread :) We will try out many different group builds to see which one works the best, but for now i am open to try anything for the build. I am WICKED excited for this and can not wait to get inside the vault of glass and if you are like me and want to as well PM me as soon as possible and feel free to add anything constructive to the conversation below :) ******EDIT***** This raid group will show priority to people in THIS CLAN! if you are not a member of this clan you may not receive a raiding spot if a member wants the spot as well. I understand a majority of people didnt play in the beta and therefore can not join this clan at the moment. The FINAL raid teams wont be determined until launch. This will give all of you wanting to raid plenty of time after the game launches to join this clan. If you aren't a member of this clan YET and plan on joining it and wanting to raid just tell me that so i know who to expect to show up come September. Much Love to you all. *****EDIT**** I decided i would add what I personally think would be the best classes to bring on a 6 man raid. This is only my opinion but im just expressing it so you can take it into consideration while you ponder what class you are going to play. Keep in mind this is the 6 classes i would bring into a raid if i was going to do so today and it MAY change after launch and we can see what some classes can and can not do. ONE Voidwalker warlock - capped strength = More Super ability which also = MASSIVE damage ONE Sunsinger warlock - Song of flame build for massive damage ONE striker titan - a Disc build for more frequent grenade, the grenade would be flash grenade for large CC on a 20 second cool down ONE bladedancer hunter- a Bladedancer hunter with the right build can pump out TONS of damage once the super is activated. Would be used for controlling adds that come into a boss fight for instance. ONE defender titan - A support subclass, the defensive super ability and the correct build will aid allies in not dying, which is good. If you have noticed, i only filled 5 of the 6 slots. this is because i don't know which other class to bring two of. That being said, i also would not take a gunslinger hunter. Their super ability is far to weak and they dont bring much to the table as far as support abilities or much in the way of personal enhancement that can really help pump out damage. Like i said before this is all information from the beta and we need to wait for the release to see if a gunslinger would actually help the raid group. But if i had to pick a 6th man right now, i would go with a striker titan. **ALSO KEEP IN MIND** I did NOT account for ELEMENTAL damage done by each subclass. If it turns out that the elemental damage done by a gunslinger is really really good for parts of a raid, then that could sway my opinion on weather or not to bring one. Same go's for any other subclass. If it turns out elemental damage done (or not done) affects the effectiveness of the subclass, that specific subclass might not be brought on a raid. I figured i would post this as well just so people can think this all over to get an idea of what would be needed for a raid and what class they will play as well as subclass. That being said i highly doubt Bungie would have a subclass from any main class be totally useless in a raid environment. That seems highly unfair in my opinion, but i do see say a striker titan being more useful than a gunslinger hunter. I believe every class and subclass can and will be used in a raid environment, this is just my opinion on what i believe the best 6 man team would consist of based off the information that we have. I have also added a youtube video that i used to help me make my decisions so you can watch it too and come up with your own 6 man team and your own ideas. Much love. [b] [u][i]DO NOT USE THIS POST ANYMORE I HAVE MADE A NEW ONE FOR PEOPLE TO PUT THEIR INFORMATION DOWN. THIS POST ONLY SERVES TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME INFORMATION ON RAIDING THAT IS ALL. I WILL NO LONGER CHECK THIS POST.[/i][/u][/b]

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