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8/3/2014 1:34:35 PM

Answer to your Stingray Problem

for anyone that is having the stingray error this is because the Beta has come and gone. it was only available from 7.17.14 to 7.27.14. Bungie had given you plenty of warning what dates the beta was gonna be. They had the dates on all social media as well. For more news keep up to date on the [url=]Bungie News[/url] page. in the most recent [url=]Bungie Weekly[/url] they stated in the mail bag [quote]ScytheNL Can I delete the Beta or will there be something for me on 9/9? You are free to delete the Beta. It has served its purpose. Free up your drive space.[/quote] I have seen people post statements in the forums saying 'I thought the beta was here until the game was released' Answer is NO the beta was never planned to be here til the game was released as they posted in all forms leading up to the beta. I have also seen people ask why they closed the beta Simple answer is Beta's Are Temporary tests. Bungie needed to gather stress test data, Bugs in the system, Fix Glitches, and other programing needs to see when to add certain events when most people play. Another question i have seen is people are stating that there is gameplays on the moon or of the beta still being posted. Well easy answer to that is, They gathered their game clips during the beta and are slowly releasing the gameplay leading to the full release of Destiny for giving their channel some content. The moon mission was only open from 2-4 PDT on July 26th during the beta. So people please Stop posting things about Stingray, and the beta not working. Just Delete the beta and wait for the full release its only 5 weeks away.

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  • Edited by Gandpug: 8/4/2014 7:11:11 AM
    Thank you for explaining it. I did think that we all got to play the beta until the game was released. When the full version of the game is released I think they did say that beta players that are going to get the full version. There characters in the beta will be in the full game for them to play so they don't have to start all over again. Well that's what I think they said! And as you said its only 5 weeks away. Its a bit like Christmas. Only different. Can wait for full game. (^<>^)

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