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Bounty Hunting

As a reaction on another [url=]Thread[/url] I came up with an idea for Bounty Hunting in Destiny. It's a quite simple and easy to do idea in Destiny, which probably will fit in with the lore as well. But still, I'd like to get the opinion of others first before I'll mail some officials. Maybe Deej can take a look as well. So directly copied: --------------------------- We all know Xander 99-40, that Exo who hands out the bounties. But what if there were bounties for other players? Of course you can choose yourself if you want to hunt, be hunted or play normally. Both got advantages and disadvantages. [b]As a Bounty hunter: [/b] [spoiler]- Allowed to shoot the Target on sight - Able to collect loot from the Targets corpse (no items from the person self) - Huge cash prize for killing the Target - A special item for killing the Target (perhaps a class-item or unique skin) - Able to work together with other Bounty Hunters, aside from a Fire Team - The Target will have a symbol above his/her head at all times. There is no hiding - Respawns for the Bounty Hunter are set to limited. Only other Bounty Hunters are able to revive you, or you'd have to wait 30 seconds to respawn a few feet back[/spoiler] [b]As a Target:[/b] [spoiler]- Allowed to shoot every Hunter (they'd have a special outlining or symbol above the head - Special store opened up in the Tower where you can buy stronger weapons than normal - Missions in the form of delivery, taking out a civilian NPC or hacking a computer - Able to hack the Sparrow System, forcing all Bounty Hunters to either run or reboot the system. - Able to set up a "Rouge Fireteam" which can be made with just friends who don't need to sign up. They'll be seen as Targets until they leave the Fireteam - If doing a delivery quest, Fallen NPCs will simply ignore the Target. Unless the Target opens fire at them - Huge cash payment when the job is done correctly - Aside from the cash payment, the Target is rewarded with Rouge Sigils. Which can be used the same way as the points for the Vanguard or Iron Banner - Able to buy extra protection up front (i.e. tougher shield, fast regeneration of shield/health/Super, additional ammo) - Respawns for the Target are turned off. If you die, you'll get a screen similar to the Mission Failed screen[/spoiler] [b]RULES:[/b] [spoiler]- No time limit - Every weapon is allowed - Both parties will have a symbol above the player - You're only able to do damage/gain damage from players who have signed up for the bounty. Any other player will simply be there - Any Events that may occur in the Zone will happen as normal and will not affect the Bounty in any way. These Fallen can and will open fire at the Target - There's a regular cooldown to do one again (i.e. you just finished Hunting someone, then you'd need to wait 3, 6 or 12 hours to Hunt someone else again) - You cannot both Hunt and be a Target at the same time. [/spoiler] It's just a simple little idea I've had. Kind of like classic "Cops 'n Robbers". Now this also means there should be a new vendor in the Tower who will only speak to you if you've done any Target missions. Or one of the existing Vendors could have a different option... would work too I guess, depends what is possible. -------------------------------------------------------------- Remember that this is only a fun concept idea I just got. If you've got suggestions or would like to discuss it, feel free. I'll be sure to edit the idea if anyone has good suggestions for it. But anyone giving unsupported criticism, is plainly rude or being a troll, will be ignored. And I advice everyone else to do so too.

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