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Surf a Flood of random discussion.

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Crunchyroll endorses lies and dissapointment

>Be me >Visit crunchyroll to se what's new >cruncyroll store has new Kill la Kill Card game >coolbeeans.jpg >checks it out >Kill la Kill TGG is part of a larger TCG >-blam!-ING EVANGELION is one of the decks >EVANGELION (The -blam!-ing show that takes my two favorite things Christianity and Robots and combines them in the most nonsensical and pretentious way possible with a lame as -blam!- main protagonist yet everyone loves the show anyway for some strange reason) >HOLY-blam!-INGSHITNIGGETSIMGONNACRAPMYPANTS.wmv >Check out deck contents >Shit ton of little kids >a couple of Milfs >Only like 3 Robots and 2 Giant Monsters >WTFWHERESMUHMECHS.png >looks for booster packs >Only find more LonePaul bait >Feelsbadman >Sees Macros Frontier Structure deck >HOLYJESUSILOVETHATSHOW.gif >Looks at deck content >More milfs and Lonepaul wafus >No giant robots >No trans-dimensional space beetles >No giant Arc Ships with Death Star cannons and Slipspace bombs >Go to bed disappointed >Dream of BUNGiE Trading card game >Character on Structure deck cover is Marty >Open box >All cards are DeeJ >itsanightmare.mp4 >Wake up screaming in a cold sweat >family installs shutthe-blam!-up.exe >can't sleep >write this post out of having nothing better to do

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