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8/20/2014 4:27:58 PM

Private Matches, Raid Matchmaking, Splitscreen, Custom Games, and Game Chat would reduce the fun of the game.

With the way the game is shaping up now, there's a whole bunch of things that could be disruptive to the game if added. Because of this, these options should never be added. 1. Raid matchmaking If we had this, the raid would get nerfed and the rewards would be meaningless without challenge Pugs also usually are bad and ruin your experience. Pugs may attempt to troll. Pugs will AFK while you do the work. Level 2 guardians will join your raid guaranteed. No one will use a mic. You will fail and be frustrated. Randoms will disconnect before the session is finished, unlike friends. (unpleasant) 2. Private Matches Promotes elitism by allowing clans to stay separate from other people playing the game. Takes population away from public playlists. Creation of a toxic environment by allowing matches that can exclude other players. Reduction in meeting new players. Entire lobbies filled with squeakers. (really unpleasant) 3. Custom Games Allowance of toxic 1v1 matches. Promotion of 12 year olds challenging people to 1v1 matches Annoying created gametypes that get played too often, such as melee only, or one guy has his secret heavy weapon with ammo. (terrible) 4. Splitscreen Causes lag Stresses console. People have to stay tethered to each other. Terrible teammates in PvP usually Terrible teammates in PvE usually (meh) 5. Game Chat You hear annoying people You hear racist people You hear K/D stat blams You hear sqeakers You hear sexist people You hear creepy people You hear hateful people You hear people accusing you of cheating You hear people accusing you of hacking You hear people saying terrible things about your mother You hear people who speak only using profanity You hear trolling You hear stalkers. You hear complainers. You hear drunk people. You hear terrible singing. You hear terrible poetry. You hear dramatic readings of some Shakespearean play. You hear any combination of the above. (worst)

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