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Rogue Guardians

Yes, have some form of rogues


No, I wouldn't kill another gaurdian


As an enemy AI in pve


I want to be a rogue gaurdian


maybe something different (comment explanation).


What if Destiny added this in a later DLC or update? There are rogue gaurdians who have lost their way and attack loyal gaurdians on sight. Maybe they could be an AI enemy encountered in pve that is just slightly more intelligent during combat than the average alien. Your challenge would be fighting someone who has the same abilities, movement tactics, and weapon types as yourself. A different way this could be an idea is if there was factions that players could join that supported the Traveler and those that support the Darkness, and encountering the opposing faction in pve can insue a skirmish between the two. These are just ideas I had, what do you guys think? Would you be for Destiny having some form of rogues. Please comment the reasons for your choice or also if you think there is a different way you could imagine it being implemented into the game. Here's a little piece of lore I just made up to fit in with the rogue guardians' story: [spoiler] It is true that wherever there is light, a shadow is cast. Our conviction in protecting humanity lives strong in the hearts of us guardians. However, further out in our galaxy the light of our Traveler does not shine as bright in the hearts of others. Away from Earth- fighting day in and day out, a time can pass that is so long it can waver the beliefs in that of many. Guardians that had succumbed to the Darkness. Once great heroes have the potential of becoming even greater villains. They have given up supporting humanity and on what seemed to them like a futile effort to push back the Darkness. Abandoning their ghosts and the Traveler's cause, they seek goals that are only in their favor. Faithful guardians must heed to warnings and take caution as the rogues are a faction of their own and can be just as cooperative with each other if it's in order to take you down. They storm the wastelands attacking and ambushing any faithful guardians in sight, hoping to steal even a single piece of glimmer if possible. The guardians of darkness have developed a faction of their own: The Devil's Prayer. Push back the rogues and progress through your quest. Along the way, we may hope to acquire whereabouts to their faction leaders and neutralize this threat to our cause. Stay strong guardian, stay loyal. Remember, this mission holds humanity's destiny in your hands. You are our destiny.[/spoiler] • Sketch for rogue guardian: [spoiler][/spoiler] My sketch kind of got the idea I had in mind. The drawing depicts the guardian walking away from his original ghost while joining a dark version of the ghost that would accompany him. I imagined it to look like a miniature version of Sepiks Prime from the Devil's Lair. It's not as good as I hoped it to be, but I hope it gets my idea across! • Why do I believe this could be added despite contradictions with lore (if any)? [spoiler]" Building a new world isn’t exact science. We don’t publish blueprints (at least not intentionally), and we don’t paint ourselves into corners." (cited from: It seems all most all us like the idea of rogues, but I see some think it wouldn't work with the story and would be too contradictory with the role of gaurdians. The statement quoted above is from Bungie who discuss how they do not [i]paint themselves into corners[/i]. I believe they have written a story that can be flexible enough for additions in new areas of the game. Hopefully they wouldn't write the story in a way that would negate any new ideas for features in the future. They would be cutting short the planned 10 year duration of the game if they could not add twists and turns into the plot as they progressed. This is why I can believe that, though it may not seem to fit perfectly into the rest of the plot (a plot we only know as much as the beta revealed), the writers of Destiny planned and anticipated to have unforeseen ideas implemented later into gameplay that affect the lore and would need "improvising" of the plot.[/spoiler] Update: Well, I posted this back before the game was released, but people weren't very sure about adding something like that into the story. At the moment, since the game and introduction to the story has been released, I personally feel that it could easily be fit into the lore and background of the story. What does everyone else think?

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