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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.

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The Five Guys Saga - Nevar Forget ;__;7

Welcome #Gaming, Let me start by saying how sick and tired I am of sites like Kotaku, or IGN, or RPS telling me how I need to think or feel about videogames. The video I linked can say everything about this much better than I ever could, so please watch it. It's 24 minutes long. It's much more productive than arguing about which console is better. If you browse sites like I mentioned, please consider ceasing immediately. Edit: A Part 2 has been made. The first (linked in the OP) details the initial complaints against Journalism and the lies that perpetuate Zoe. [b]Part 2:[/b] Details the industries reaction to us talking about it, and the double standards that the "Journalists" try to force upon us. Also, it labels Zoe as a rapist by her own definition, lol. [url=]Here's the campaign that Zoe doxxed into oblivion, ironically supporting women in the industry themselves.[/url] See if you can beat my $25 donated! :D [url=]Famous Kotaku writer Patty H, author of great articles such as "Straight white male, IRL easy mode" and "Should killing female gamers online be considered ræp?", has been found [i]living[/i] with someone she writes about.[/url] [url=]Kotaku's Editor In Chief is "investigating" it. This was 2 days ago. Still no results, or indications of any actual investigation.[/url] [url=]Phil Fish is probably going to go to jail.[/url] I will continue to edit and update this post, so it can serve as a discussion for users that frequent bnet.
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