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Problem with the Hunter's Golden Gun activation! Very Serious!

Ok Bungie listen up because this is a important flaw that has been overlooked. DeeJ I'm counting on you to make sure someone addresses this. Now, we all for the most part all love the supers for each class, THEY ROCK! However there is a big difference in the way they work when you activate them. The Warlock's Nova Bomb immediately shoots from it's hand speeding toward the intended target, the Titan's Fist of Havoc does an instant shockwave ground pound, but the Hunter's Golden Gun actually impedes its mobility when activated. Do not misunderstand I have no complaints about the animation for the activation nor am I angry the gun doesn't immediately fire. I understand that Hunter gets a slight unfair advantage over the other two classes because their super has one shot where as the Golden Gun has three. What I'm pointing out is the fact that "when and while the gun is activating" your Hunter is rendered "immobile". You can't move while its activating and this is a severe disadvantage to players if they're in a battle in the Crucible or elsewhere. Trying to avoid a opponent while on the ground becomes suicide and in the air your directional momentum is slowed significantly making you a easy target. The Titan doesn't have any of this problem since it just does a ground pound whether it's grounded or airborne. I suspect the Warlock probably doesn't have any of these problems either, I haven't played as one yet, but it probably matters very little since the Nova Bomb is immediately launched in whatever direction its pointed. The fact that we cannot move our Hunters to try and avoid incoming attacks of any kind is just wrong! Bungie please fix this before launch! Any other players out there who have noticed any similar problems with any class your voice is welcomed here and please speak up. If anyone notices a mistake in anything I've written please feel free to share some corrective constructive criticism, but no whining. This is a serious gameplay topic somebody make sure we get DeeJ's attention so we can get this fixed because it is a problem. To anyone who has multiple systems including PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX ONE please point out differences with the talked about gameplay. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR WHATEVER HELP YOU CAN PROVIDE. BUNGIE I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WHOLE GAME THE BETA HAS BEEN SO MUCH FUN, BUT PLEASE FIX THIS! And a shout out to More Console, you Beautiful Bastard!

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    Listen. I'm a legendary hunter player. I understand where you're coming from. But let me tell you a few things. Hunter 101 everyone!!! 1.) if you jump while activating golden gun, you move in the air, dodging stuff. Enough said 2.) you NEVER activate golden gun in a battle. You are basically shooting yourself doing that. What you do is, activate it before going into a room. Therefore, going into the room clearing it out. 3.) use golden gun when you know it's safe. Don't want to be shot activating it 4.) use golden gun either behind, above, or below players for most effection. If charging into a room headon, kill the players looking at you first, so you are not killed easily. 5.) if in an open space, single jump to dodge bullets while aiming. Only do this if you're skilled enough and can aim while moving at high speeds. Overall, i have no problems with being imoblized activating gloden gun because you don't use it like the titan or warlock super. You use it like a tactical super for best effectiveness.

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