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The size and scope of Destiny!

So I know these forums are teeming with posts similar to this, but hey so is every other conceivable idea, and I have to admit it's annoying. So putting aside my distaste for posting similar stuff, I'll be a hypocrite for a moment. But I digress... So I am responding to several forums that have concern with Destiny's maps, like, "is old Russia it?", and "what about old Chicago", and perhaps even the weird "the moon is so small" comments. I am here to tell you the size of what we have been shown in the beta does not bother me, even if i could somehow have some magical foresight into the full scope of what will be available in the actual game, and here is why. Why does everyone forget this is like a 10 year project? Did all the haters not get the two other planned expansions to the story line memo? There may be a small chance that I am wrong here but those expansions are not just multi-player map packs! I heard someone on another forum say that's why they didn't get an edition other than the basic, because and I quote "none of the physical collector stuff is worth it, and he doesn't care for the DLC content like extra map packs for multi-player and skins. He just wants to play the story." DUDE, the expansions from everything I have heard and expect are another chapter in the story! Yes it will probably contain multi-player map packs, but that's just because I can conceive these new maps are actually new areas that will be revealed later, like actual full maps for campaigns! Not to mention, why be upset if the first release already has massive areas one for each planet, each having its own 4-10 interconnected areas that could be maps on their own? Then upon the release of an expansion we see maybe some more separate location at each planet, [u]maybe even a new planet![/u] Like the second expansion could totally take us to old Chicago as the new "earth" area, and even beyond our solar system to combat the darkness, I mean why stop here? They even have another expansion "planned" after that, and in the scope of ten years, there's no saying how many more "un-planned at present" expansions there may be! And I repeat, these expansions are [u]planned[/u], in fact probably already close to being done! Which is why you see concept art for it! I don't even want to discuss the stupid comments that people make about not being able to explore all they see, just because Bungie said they could, but I suppose I should. [u]There has to be a limit guys[/u], the world is already expansive enough, and just because a timer goes off when you go out half way into the ocean for no reason is no basis for being upset. There is nothing out there and you get upset that the game polity nudges you back into the confines of its active zones. I can agree however that the invisible ceiling is annoying, because there are some very obvious areas you could get to by jumping up cliff sides or off tall buildings, and you want to explore, only to be bumped back. Just think about it though, there are some areas they want to funnel you into for story reasons, if your able to somehow jump on top of the map and walk straight to the end-zone, how is that fun? You just broke the game? There once again has to be a limit, even with a ceiling, although I agree it could be a bit higher. So when they said yes you can go there it meant yes walk across this huge map! Explore the edges of the map! However, in no way did I ever expect, "oh and by the way you can even explore beyond that mountain in an unpopulated map and swim for miles in a sea of nothing..." In short, try not to look at destiny as a full game upon release, look at it as a basis for all other edition to follow, much like Starcraft releasing three separate race story's that each progressed the actual story like three different chapters. Instead of releasing three separate games like Halo 1, 2, 3, and etc. They want destiny to be a persistent world, like standard MMOs (i.e. WoW). We may not be playing from a different perspective race like Starcraft each time, but it should definitely be considered that vanilla Destiny is at the very least Book 1 of an epic trilogy! Thank You BUNGIE!

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