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Should Destiny have private matches?





It doesn't bother me either way


In recent events of a video having Deej basically saying there wont be private matches for custom matches has sparked a wildfire. I come to make a poll on how the community feels about this. Deej has always said we will listen to the community. So lets look at this deeper. In private matches you gain zero xp, zero loot. While having fun. In competitive play you get to prove you/your team is the best. Sure you can have the best stats but anybody can skew the scale by playing against opponents of less skill in a public match. If we are able to test our skills against much better teams then we can truly see where we are ranked. Competitive can lead to tournaments, more public exposure, clan matches, and so much more. Now this isn't just for those who do it simply to be the best team. How about fun matches against teammates or friends. Fun races on sparrows around the moon(which my team did during an actual match) Private rooms reach out to more than just the hardcore PvP players. Where else can you just have a fun throwing knife match with 8 buddies. In private matches you wont get xp or any perks that come with a regular public match. There honestly is not a negative side to having private matches. I saw in posts about why Destiny shouldn't have it. Some I can think of off the top of my head. "Destiny is PvE first." I agree it is a PvE game first. You get all your really good gear through story. I can not wait to dive into the story and find awesome gear. But it doesn't mean Destiny can't have a competitive PvP aspect as well. If your focus is PvE awesome. You picked the perfect game for you. If you don't want to be worried about super competitive PvP well guess what, not having private rooms will make pubs even worst to enjoy as you will probably go up against clans more often since they are not out playing against other clans. "Good I don't have to hear about kd whores" Wrong. In pubs most people only care about kd. Private matches is where you have fun as stats don't matter in game. Or you are playing against a clan where of course you want to win. Good job going 20-4 but your team lost and when your competing against other clans you want to win. "Private rooms bring out MLG tryhards" Those MLG tryhards are probably be in private matches all the time and competing against other teams. Yes you may see some tryhards in pubs but only when they are trying to get their crucible marks for the week. Also what is wrong with gaining the attention of MLG. It brings in audience and more publicity to the game. If bungie is making money from advertisements on MLG then they potentially have even more money to put into the game to make your experience better. Sorry I couldn't get direct quotes or more. Just running off the top of my head. Again Private rooms do not have any effect on those who wish to stick to PvE. Driving games have private matches so honestly why does a AAA title FPS game not have them?

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