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Overcast: Vol,1 Pt.2: Cats, and PopTarts

Tuesday, 10:24 P.M. SmileyTarts Inc. Factory Grounds, BioSmiley's office. Rain stood at the entrance to Smiley's office. In the Hot, Steamy and dark factory that produced the now synonymous with FloodVile, SmileyTarts. Back when Bungie Banished The Flood, BioSmiley's persona of a "PopTart-loving, Quarian Space Cat" became a reality. Smiley now wears a Skin-tight suit to protect his purple, space fairing, feline-self from the toxic oxygen. When Smiley arrived in FloodVile, he immediately saw a business opportunity to supply the Flood with his favorite real world treat. Floodians now devour countless boxes of the SmileyTarts daily. Rain looked through the dark window of Smiley's office. He could just make out a faint figure of BioSmiley writing something on his fancy desk. Rain knocked on Smiley's door. After a few seconds, Smiley came and opened the door "Keelah, i'm right in the middle of fin-" Smiley looked up and saw Rain's hollow hood. Smiley suddenly adjusted his posture to the most upright position. "Hello, um. Detective. please, come in" He sounded Nervous. "Private, Detective." Rain said, correcting Smiley. Rain walked into Smiley's dull, lamp lit office and took a seat opposite Smiley. Smiley pulled up his chair and folded his hands over his desk. "So, um. Rain, What brings you to my factory?" Rain rested his leg on his knee, "Well, contrary to popular belief. it is NOT the smell." It is known to every Floodian how amazing BioSmiley's factory smelled. Smiley laughed, "Please, but honestly. what brings you here?" Rain Leaned Forward, "Do you know anything about the 'Recon's'? You may have heard the name thrown around? Someone was killed by them behind Qwerty's pub." Smiley looked shocked, "Who was murdered?!" Rain looked behind himself out of habit and paranoia, and then turned back to Smiley. "Scarecrow, his head was in a dumpster nearby." Smiley looked at his desk and then back at Rain. "Th-That's horrible! and no, I don't know anything about the Recons." Rain Swore under his breath, then he stood up and looked out Smiley's window. "Well, i guess this whole thing was a giant waste of Ti-" An Explosion blew out a hole in the wall right behind Smiley.

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