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Who do you think your Guardian was?

[b]I wrote this because I was curious about what my Guardian's life may of been like before he died and was resurrected, also, I've been really bored since the beta ended, and I need my fix. Everything here is strictly fan fiction, and in no way reflects Bungie's thoughts. What do you people think? Who was your guardian?[/b] Memories flickered in his mind like a dusty, old jukebox sputtering back to life after decades of inactivity. The first few were faint, brief flashes of light, but they progressively became stronger and more vivid. His fifth birthday party, meeting his wife for the first time, the adorable smile of his precious baby girl. They kept flooding in, and just when he thought he couldn’t handle anymore, it suddenly stopped. He was in a mall, holding the hand of his daughter. Light shone brightly through the glass canopy, and people were bustling to and fro, just like any other day. He looked down to see his daughter smiling at him, she was pointing towards the storefront of a candy store. There was a lollipop the size of her head in the window; she loved lollipops. He remembered this day, actually, it’s the last day he could remember, everything after seemed hazy, as if shrouded in a dense fog. That was when it hit him. Darkness, he remembered the darkness. He jerked his head to the right, putting himself face-to-face with his impending doom. Before him was what appeared to be a tidal wave of pitch black nothingness, it was as if he was gazing into the bellows of space itself. It was hurtling down the large, open corridor, consuming anything unfortunate enough to be in its path. His awe slowly began to fade into fear and panic. He tried to grab his daughter and run, but he couldn’t move his body. He was stuck in a snapshot of the past, forced to lose his daughter, everything he held dear, all over again. “Ella, can you hear me? It’s daddy! Please, Ella, please hear me!” He frantically screamed with tears starting to stream down his face. It was in vain, part of him knew this, but he didn’t want to accept it. The darkness was closing in now, he only had a few precious seconds left. He choked back his tears and looked down at his daughter for the last time, his imaginary hand gliding across her cheek and tucking her curly blonde hair behind her ear. “Ella, your daddy loves you,” he said quietly, “and he always will.” Then in an instant, it was gone, and only darkness remained. He floated alone in the dark, empty space, his body uncontrollably convulsing from sorrow. “Are you satisfied?” he yelled out, “has my suffering appeased whatever sick, sadistic fetish you have?” Suddenly there was a flash of light and a feeling that can only be described as being struck by a defibrillator; although he had never actually experienced that himself. It happened again, and again. Each time the shock was stronger, and the light grew brighter, until he suddenly shot up and gasped. The air hurt as it shot into his lungs, but he breathed heavily nonetheless; wait, why was he breathing? He frantically looked around, but his eyes were having trouble focusing. The only thing he could see was the faint outline of what seemed to be a floating object in front of him. That’s when he heard it. “I’ve been looking a longtime for you, Guardian. I’m glad I finally found you.”
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