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Sunsinger: An attempt to understand

As light is shined on the all of the subclasses, the Warlock sunsinger remains the most mysterious. WE know full well the purpose of the Defender's shields, and have been shown many time the destructive force of the Bladedancer's ArcBlade, However what is it exactly that Radiance will do for the space-mages? Shown [url=]here [/url]is all of the Sunsingers abilities(Thanks to andrewBD for his post): [spoiler] [quote]WARLOCK - SUNSINGER: "There are flames that even the Darkness cannot exinguish." SOLAR GRENADE - A grenade hat creates a flare of Solar Light which continually damages enemies trapped inside. FIREBOLT GRENADE - A grenade that unleashed bolts of Solar Light at nearby enemies. FUSION GRENADE - An explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to its targets. GLIDE improves to IMPROVED GLIDE as opposed to BLINK. RADIANCE (SUPER) - Fill yourself with Solar Light, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of all your abilities. SONG OF FLAME - While active, Radiance reduses all cooldowns for nearby allies. RADIANT SKIN - While active, Radiance reduces incoming damage. FIREBORN - Radiance can now be activated from beyond the grave. Doing so returns you to life. SCORCH (MELEE) - A powerful melee attack that ignites enemies, causing damage over time. FLAME SHIELD - Killing an enemy with Scorch reduces incoming damage for a short time. SOLAR WIND - Hitting an enemy with Scorch knocks them back. BRIMSTONE - Killing enemies with Scorch causes them to explode. ARCANCE I - III & ANCESTRAL/CHAOS/DIVINE RADIANT WILL - Increases the duration of Radiance. VIKING FUNERAL - Enemies you ignite burn longer and take more damage. SUNBURST - Killing an enemy with Scorch has a chance to generate Orbs of Light. TOUCH OF FLAME - All grenades ignite enemies, causing damage over time. ANGEL OF LIGHT - Aiming your weapon while in the air will hold you in place for a short time. GIFT OF THE SUN - Gain an additional grenade. ILLUMINATION - Seals previous choices and grants Recovery bonus. [/quote][/spoiler] [url=]Datto has also done a video that explains all of the abilities of the sunsinger [/url](though not to anymore depth than what can be gathered here)(Thank you Dassembre for bringing this to my attemntion) From what we can tell, the sunsinger has a lot of focus on solar damage, specifically setting enemies on fire. with the lack of a vortex grenade and fast grenade charge times, This subclass will lack much of the crowd control that the voidwalker is prominent in. We can gather that this subclass can fill the role of a glass cannon or DPS, or be a very good support, however there is one crucial bit of evidence we need to affirm this speculation, and that is the exact function of Radiance. Just as it says, radiance will dramatically increase the effectiveness of all of our abilities. However, what exactly does this mean? By all abilities, do they just mean our grenades and melee? Does this mean that every single armor/speed/regen boost we've chosen will be highly increased whenever in radiance? Will this cause abilities such as viking funeral, which already buff previous abilities, to buff them even more? I doubt this one will be true, but will it also boost the upgrades and abilities on our equipment, making our choice in gear all the more essential when running sunsinger? I feel as though sunsinger can not be properly appreciated (or depreciated) until we actually get to see one in action, which, as of now, has not happened. The only bits of sunsinger we have seen is the activation of radiance and the locked skilltree in the beta menu. It would really help if we knew exactly what abilities were improved, so an idea of how this class can be played can be formulated. Any thoughts or speculations? [b]EDIT:[/b] Aside from the Song of Flame ability, the sunsinger appears to have no supportive abilities. It does not seem to be a buffing class in the slightest, meaning that as of now, Destiny lack a good Buffing and/or healing role. [b]EDIT 2:[/b]Thanks to Melbolgia for pointing this out. With higher level and more exotic gear, there are many items that grant stats and bonuses, and some of these may alter or add onto our current abilities to make them more supportive. There are even items that cant give you entire skills, meaning you can have 2 of the different super upgrades whereas you would normally only be able to have one. We may have to rely on certain items or gearsets to role sunsinger a certain way. Which given Bungies emphasis on us doing certain things to obtain certain swag, may very well be their intention. These items show some of the ways in our gear choice may drastically effect the way ALL classes can be played (Thanks goes to Macington for providing the links) [url=]item 1[/url] [url=]item 2[/url] [b]EDIT 3:[/b] Thanks again goes to Macington for this one. Listed under ability medals, there is "Medic!", which is obtained by quickly reviving 2 allies, as well as "Angel of Light" - In a single life, revive 5 downed allies. This might mean that Sunsinger may indeed possess the ability to revive others through the use of radiance. This certainly needs more clarification. (Although it does not specify exactly which subclass can do this, so we cant be 100% sure. If not Sunsinger, then who can do this?) (This may have been discredited with the release of the Crucible multiplayer trailer. Several gametypes were shown with with reviving teammates as being a part of them. The medal may have been under the wrong category) [b]EDIT 4:[/b] In the new [url=]competitive multiplayer trailer[/url]. at about 1:25, There is what appears to be a warlock hovering in midair for a split second, and then dropping down after firing their rocket. This could be the Angel Of Light ability in action. There also appears to be an orange-ish aura around the player, perhaps an identifier of somebody using the ability?). Thank you as well to Kempolazer. The new trailer also shows what appears to be fireborn in action. At about 20 seconds in, you see the player ROOK be killed. However, whe next scene he is shown back alive in the same spot, with a golden glow around him and giant wings of light on his back. His shields and health were refilled to max, and he seemed to stay in radiance after revival. This is very important for the ability. [b]EDIT 5:[/b] In this [url=]new gameplay video from Gamescom[/url], we get to finally see the sunsinger in some real action. At about 12 seconds in, you see a warlock explode with a burst of solar light, activating radiance. They then throw what im guessing is a grenade. Finally, we see an enemy pike with full health and shields come into view, only to be completely destroyed by a single melee strike from the Sunsinger. Although we don't know how this warlock was spec'd out, we can say for certain that a sunsinger in radiance is beyond powerful. You definitely don't want to be near one of these angels of death when they start glowing..

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